Supergirl #35 review

Now, I’m reviewing this because it has Red Hood in it, and my only experience with Supergirl in the New 52 has been Batman/Superman Annual Issue 1 and some random panel in one of the earlier Worlds’ Finest issues.  So any Supergirl fans please forgive any ignorance on my part.  I wasn’t expecting much from this issue, given that I know nothing about the current Supergirl run, but there has to be a question that is circulating through DC offices.  Why isn’t Red Hood a solo book?  Because guess what?  This book was better than anything Red Hood and the Outlaws has produced in a long time not called Future’s End.

I know this isn’t exactly a solo book but hear me out.  Tony Bedard writes a one-shot that could have been conveniently thrown in to a longer arc.  Strangely, this was almost more a Red Hood featuring Supergirl issue than the other way around, but that also might be blamed on personal bias.  This issue follows the Doomed arc, which I obviously did not read.  It starts with Kara bringing someone named Michael home, who I guess is like her boyfriend or something?  Things seem quiet until our roided-out Red Hood shows up in Michael’s house.  Things are rocky at first, and Kara can tell something is off, but the two team up to take down a gun smuggler.

There is some great and colorful combat from Jonboy Meyers in this book, whether it’s Kara and Jason or our heroes against the scum and villainy that fills the pages of the issue.  It’s bright and fast-paced and fun.  Oh how fun it is.  Hi-Fi’s coloring is definitely a staple that I’m enjoying in my books.  There’s breaking glass, acrobatics, and some All-Blade use that I didn’t hate!  Jason’s a bad-ass and brings up how Superman and Batman team up, and there are some good rib-nudging moments that make the team-up flow better.

So huge surprise, our two heroes find the gun smugglers and all hell breaks loose, with Kara and Jason facing off against the group of alien crooks.  Jason’s got some new toys which are cool to look at, and we get a better look at what’s happening to him with all that Venom coursing through his veins.  The epilogue closes where the issue started, with Kara, Michael, and Jason all having a nicely-wrapped (yeah, punned that up, read the issue) ending.


  • I want to know what that stuff Jason shot at Kara was. Was it like muddled Kryptonite?  It seemed to hurt her.
  • Jason was probably going to kill that guy. Don’t lie Jason.
  • Those blades that came out of Jason’s arms were beyond awesome. They need to get those in
  • I don’t know who that guy with the red face was, but I’m guessing he’s from Supergirl.
  • I thought it was cute that Kara and Michael got together at the end. It was interesting how she talks about him as her normalcy in a world of insanity.  I mean it has to be exhaustive being a superhero in a world full of them.
  • The more I hear about Jason, the more I realize that we have the same personality. See the favorite quote for more.  It describes me perfectly.
  • Jason’s face at the end was priceless.

Favorite Quote: “Thank God, I was starting to think that Red Hood guy was your boyfriend.  He sure seemed to think you liked him.” – That Michael Guy

Recommended If…

  • You like Red Hood!
  • You enjoy a one-shot team-up.
  • You love the colors of HiFi and the work of Jonboy Meyers.


This was a fun and action-filled book that told a complete story.  What more could you ask for?  One can hope that it’s only a matter of time before Red Hood becomes a book like this and Future’s End and less like the stuff that’s going on in Red Hood and the Outlaws now.

SCORE: 8/10