Futures End #24 review

We’ve hit a decent stride with the last several issues of Futures End. It makes me happy as both a reviewer and a consumer. I actually look forward to reading each issue and afterwards I don’t feel I wasted $2.99 every time. This particular issue features some space action, hero bonding, hero un-bonding, genius thinking, and super punches. Oh and if you were wondering on everyone’s beard status: there are two beards and one stubble this issue.

  1. Deep Space. Huron System — Black Adam is still trying to hold off the Brainiac drones. Engineer Angie wakes up to (apparently) her old self. They land on Stormwatch’s carrier. The important part here is the action. Make no bones about it, this was here so we were opening with a bang.
  2. Cadmus Island — Props to Jesus Merino this issue, displaying some nice and quiet yet cinematic sequences particularly with this Cadmus opening page. Mister Miracle ripped out his implant and has done the same for Fury, which I am strangely relieved about. I guess I’m just happy someone with power is out from under the heavy lid of Brother Eye. The two of them decide to go fight against Brother Eye, they just aren’t sure how to go about it. So there are heroes on the island and soon, heroes will be attacking the island. I expect to see something special or at least eventful between Mister Miracle and Big Barda when they both find themselves fighting on Cadmus.
  3. New York City — Madison and Ronnie are hanging out. Ronnie’s dark side is fascinating to Madison. Can’t she see that this only leads to trouble? She just breaks up with Tim for not dealing with his dark past properly and now she is all about Ronnie who says things so dramatically as, “We’re all alone. Each and every one of us.” Haha, I couldn’t read that section with any seriousness. It’s very teenage-angsty. Teenangsty? It does get the point across. Madison is moving on and SPOILER bearded Tim isn’t. She is not ready for him. Not Yet.
  4. [Section Not Labeled] Dr. Yamzake’s Lab — Jason and Yamzake are working on their transporter. Would it be a proper scientific invention if, when a scientist began testing, they didn’t need more power and that power surge could blow something up? What if, like, let’s say they just turned it on and it worked? No. It needs MORE power because that’s how we make something boring like flipping a switch artificially interesting. Need more power. It’s gonna blow. That is at least until we get to the page flip and then it’s success! Ah, relief! Is it me or does Yamazake seem a tad unstable? They test a mannequin in the machine and then says he wants to test a human next. Jason suggests they try a mouse and to that Yamazake says, “Young man, if I didn’t know better –I’d begin to woder if you weren’t trying to prevent this from happening.” Mad scientist is now paranoid.
  5. Africa — Midge and Tommy just walk around the village they found Clark working at while Constantine sits and drinks from his flask. This section is a might strange and also should be under spoiler tags.
    The pinkish purple guy shows up out of the blue and kills Tommy.  Constantine is either too drunk or too hopeless to do anything. The purple guy goes after Midge. It looks like he is frying her body with his Jedi X-wing floating abilities. Constantine is nonchalant about the whole situation saying he can’t do anything. Then the punch heard ’round the world happens. Shirtless and bearded Clark punches old purple guy, hopefully releasing Midge. But that’s it. The last “Next Issue” page shows Clark (wearing his Superman tee-shirt) fighting the purple monster, which looks pretty exciting.

Recommended if:

  • You’ve enjoyed the last few issues.
  • You wanna find out who wore the beard better, Tim or Clark (I vote Clark).
  • You love punches, mad scientists, and heartaches all mixed into one.


There is enough material and backstory that has been laid down that it is hard not to give the reader something substantial to find in these issues. Everything seems to be interesting which is a good thing. I don’t have buyers remorse about the past several issues and I’m happily looking forward to more. This one’s a solid addition to the story.

SCORE: 7/10