Teen Titans #3 review

Teen Titans is still young in its rebirth. Last month’s Futures End tie-in was a wasted opportunity to keep the readership interested as it very little to Futures End or Teen Titans. But here we are in issue #3 in what has been a mostly positive relaunch and after reading it I’m feeling not-so-excited at the moment.

The issue starts back up with Raven enjoying her goth/indie show when she is recognized by the lead singer. Several others approach her, taking selfies and talking Raven up as a better hero compared to the other Titans. I’m not sure why dividing the Titans has been a reoccurring theme, but it has. To contrast the division, Raven essentially sticks up for her friends by utilizing their help when she didn’t necessarily have to. This is when the robot villain (the terrorist…or the Terrorist?) attacks Raven at the concert. SPOILERS follow.

A few things:

  1. If Raven doesn’t need her friends to fight the robot villain, why would she endanger them?
  2. She could be lying and that’s why she calls them, but why not call on “any number of demons or demigods” when she knows that will do the trick?
  3. All the Titans show up and they beat the robot to a pulp just like last time and she survives. It’s basically a lesser repeat of the fight we saw previously except it’s Cassie that punches her instead of Bunker.
  4. When the Titans arrive, they bust through the wall of the club like the Kool-Aid man. It’s more dramatic this way, but I just cracked up when I saw it.

S.T.A.R. labs is involved with the robot but in reading it, I’m thinking, “So what?” I’d like to see Cyborg make an appearance with the involvement of S.T.A.R. but that shouldn’t be on the reader’s mind. The reader should be shown why they should care based on the story at hand, not on some hope that “this story will be good eventually because I love the characters”.

We see the fact that these heroes are teens when Cassie receives a call from her mother who is about to be accosted by the Wonder Girl gang. Cassie ignores her mom and we’re left wondering what will happen next. Expect to see this play out more in next issue.

Bat-Family fans will be glad to see Tim use some of his detective skills. Unfortunately, it’s only utilized as an afterthought and a set-up for next issue.

I enjoy Rocafort’s style, but one thing he doesn’t do so well in this issue is provide setting. As standalone images, they look great. As a tool for telling a good story, this issue misses the mark. That, coupled with the fact the story kind of meanders along, makes for a disorienting read.

Recommended if:

  • You plan to continue following the series.
  • You enjoy the Titans and have hope above all.
  • You want to see a rematch with the robot terrorist.


There is little development in the characters. Most of this issue feels like a set-up for the story to come rather than an enjoying read for right now. To continue the series you will want to pick it up, but it is not 100% necessary.

SCORE: 4.5/10