Exclusive details on Ben Affleck’s Batman in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ [updated]

Update: Rehan Jalali’s assistant contacted me and said that Rehan did not speak to anyone at his courses in London about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Ben Affleck’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trainer, Rehan Jalali, taught some nutrition classes in London over the weekend. A Batman News reader who wishes to remain anonymous spoke to Jalali about Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight, and apparently he revealed a few new interesting details. Here’s what Jalali had to say, according to my source:

  • Jalali and Affleck talk every day.
  • There are two Batsuits (we’ve seen them both before — he has a traditional Batsuit, and an armored Batsuit like in “The Dark Knight Returns”).
  • The armored suit has Kryptonite all over it, and it can shoot missiles.
  • There are two Batmobiles*.
  • Affleck has a shirtless scene as Bruce Wayne to show off his new physique.
  • The shirtless scene is beautifully shot and shows Affleck overlooking a destroyed city (probably Metropolis?).

*The big news in there for me is that there are supposedly two Batmobiles. I had previously heard that Batman has two vehicles in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice — the Batmobile and another vehicle that can fly. Perhaps that’s what Jalali meant by his “two Batmobiles” comment?

It’s also interesting that Batman’s armored suit is laced with Kryptonite. That makes a lot of sense though, armor alone isn’t enough to stop Superman! What do you make of these new details? Let me know in the comments below.