Jennifer Garner describes Ben Affleck’s Batman voice

Christian Bale said that the only advice he gave Ben Affleck about playing Batman was to make sure he could pee on his own, but according to Jennifer Garner, Affleck may be basing his Bat-voice on Bale’s infamous growl.

In the latest issue of Empire Magazine (via Comic Book Movie), Mrs. Affleck spills the details on what Ben Affleck’s Batman voice will sound like in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice:

“We were not privy to the Batman voice at home, but I’ve been on set enough to hear bits of it. It’s spot on. Growly and decisive and sexy, if I do say so myself! Exactly what you would hope it to be!”

Hopefully it won’t be too long before we all hear what exactly Affleck’s “growly, decisive, and sexy” Bat-voice sounds like. The first teaser trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is rumored to be coming later this year.

How do you feel about Ben Affleck taking a similar approach to Batman’s voice as Christian Bale? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

SOURCE: Empire Magazine (via Comic Book Movie)