Christopher Nolan wanted to find and punish ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ leakers

The Wall Street Journal has an excellent piece on why Hollywood loves Christopher Nolan. It includes many behind-the-scenes stories and insight as to why he’s one of the most powerful directors in the business right now.

You may remember that in December 2011 a prologue for The Dark Knight Rises was released in IMAX theaters. Fans were treated to Bane for the first time, but many complained that he was hard to understand. When someone leaked to The Hollywood Reporter that Nolan had plans to alter the sound mix for the final cut, a group of Warner Bros.’ top executives gathered for an emergency meeting because Nolan was so upset. Nolan, who is known to be very secretive, told executives that he wanted to find and punish the leaker. They worked tirelessly over their Christmas and New Year’s vacations, and after a couple of weeks were able to resolve the issue for Nolan.

The Wall Street Journal piece covers Nolan’s entire career, but there are a few more interesting Batman-related details:

  • Warner Bros. was slow to roll out more DC Comics movies because of a lengthy pursuit to get Nolan on board as a producer for Justice League movies and a Batman reboot. He ultimately declined.
  • He landed the Batman Begins director gig with a 90-minute pitch, without a script or any experience making big-budget films. “I don’t think we ever made a leap like that with any other filmmaker,” said Jeff Robinov, the former film group chief of Warner Bros. who now runs the independent company Studio 8. “I consider it a blessing to work with him as long as I did, forget about the economic success of the films.”

If you’re a fan of Chirstopher Nolan, I highly recommend you check out the full article at the source link below.

SOURCE: The Wall Street Journal