Exclusive ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ set photos reveal the Daily Planet prep and more

After spending a few days in Yorkville, the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice crew are now in Chicago. A source sent Batman News some photos and information for what appears to be the preparation of a Daily Planet scene:

“They are in the early stages of prepping The Daily Planet lobby in the lobby at 111 E. Wacker. It looks like this was The Daily Planet in Man of Steel too (and fun fact, also Bruce’s penthouse that Joker crashes in The Dark Knight). They are building the globe statue now, no lights or gear yet so shooting probably won’t start until tomorrow at earliest. Trailers and trucks in street below with signs for “Bruce” and “Lois” (see photos below). Also some other random signs for characters like “Sage”, “Card”, and “Jim”. I read that there were permits for Millenium Park too but didn’t see any activity there.”

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be filming in Chicago for the next couple of weeks. In addition to the Daily Planet scene, it appears that Superman will be making an appearance as well. Stunt rigs have been spotted in the city from a company that specializes in “high performance wire work”.

Hopefully Batman will be a part of that as well. We still haven’t seen any public photos of Ben Affleck in the Batsuit. As always, stay tuned to Batman News for all the latest on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.