Futures End #27 review

Happy 5th of November everyone! I hope you read or watched V for Vendetta today to celebrate. I had it playing in the background while I wrote my reviews. Speaking of which, how about this cover for Futures End #27? I saw it sitting on the shelf at the comic book shop today and thought how strange it looked compared to the surrounding comics. I don’t think it’s a particularly bad cover, it just threw me for a loop. Go ahead. Spread out your pull list from today on the floor. Which comic catches your eye immediately? Futures End. Maybe that’s what Sook was going for, and if so, props sir.

  1. Green Arrow Island — We know Green Arrow’s gang is getting ready to attack Cadmus. What we don’t know is how he knows where Cadmus is. Thankfully, Green Arrow got Deathstroke to unknowingly take a tracking device with him when GA faked his death. Barda’s ready to go.
  2. Metropolis — Tim breaks into Lois Lane’s apartment and is waiting on her arrival home. She isn’t too pleased but seems to get over it pretty fast. Tim is looking for Madison who (as we know from the crazy Dr. Yamazake incident) has gone missing. The writers still want to remind us that whoever sent Lois those strange items (the prism, the coordinates, the red arrow) intended them for Tim. I find that whole “Lois has these things but they’re intended for Tim and Red Arrow’s the only one who knows I’m alive” sub-sub-plot boring and a weak attempt at getting Lois on the cover of Futures End jumping out of a plane. There is this “leap of faith” micro theme between Tim and Lois. Tim took a leap of faith to tell Madison about his identity and it backfired. Lois is about to take a literal and metaphorical leap of faith with Tim about the coordinates. Let’s hope for her sake it ends well.
  3. Cadmus Island — Deathstroke, Lana, and Cole are creeping around the island. Fifty Sue isn’t around. There is a vault filled with the DNA of nearly every superhuman and Deathstroke wants to keep Brother Eye out. If Brother Eye gets to the vault he could potentially use the DNA with nefarious intent. Though really, if Brother Eye has been actively in control of the island for at least two days, it stands to reason that anything valuable on the island would’ve been found and controlled by now. Meanwhile, elsewhere on the island, Mister Miracle is not with Fury but stalking at the medical unit when Huntress (controlled by Brother Eye) attacks. Brother Eye wants to absorb(?) him but he runs away.
  4. [Unlabeled Section] — The section header should have read “300 Miles East of Cadmus Island” or something to provide some approaching suspense. Like a ticking clock, this could have been the counting down of miles. Anyway, Green Arrow’s army is on its way to Cadmus in a large, green water vessel. They turn on the tracking device to find out it actually works. The point of this section is to tell us how bad the battle will be when they finally get there.
  5. Manhattan— Terry and Plastique are at Tim’s bar. Tim isn’t there, he’s off to see Lois. They want to talk to Tim and get his help. So what do they do? Break into his apartment above the bar. What a way to introduce yourselves. It’s Terry who does the breaking I should say. Plastique stays in the bar. It’s while Terry is alone that Alfred encourages him to not work with Plastique, that including her could ruin the mission. Alfred also suggests that Terry may be infatuated with Plastique. A few other things happen that I’ll just drop in this tag.
    Terry hears a door creak while in Tim’s apartment. He turns and WHAM! Strong, muscular, black-gloved arms slam Terry against the wall. WHAM! He’s slammed against another. Then his face appears: Batman. And he calls Terry “Junior”. Perfect. Bruce wants to know why Terry’s at Tim’s and (apparently, cause it’s not incredibly clear) why Terry is wearing a Bat suit. Plastique throws one of her exploding marbles and end scene. This was the Bruce I wanted to see. I was so excited to read it! And it came as a shocker which was extra good!
  6. [Unlabeled Section] Lois is making her leap of faith. Who knows what she’s liable to experience just parachuting onto Cadmus. I’m still not sure why she agreed to go with her lack of skill set. It’s not like she’s a Tim Drake replacement.

Recommended if:

  • Increased time spent with the Bat Family interests you.
  • You’d like to see multiple characters from different story lines converge on central locations.
  • You wanna know who that is on the cover parachuting and where they think they’re going.


I’m happy with the pace this weekly comic is moving. This issue provides a tantalizing confrontation that you’re going to want to know more about, a promise of a huge battle to come, and a train wreck situation from which you won’t be able to look away when it happens. When reading the series as a whole, this issue is a worthy addition.

SCORE: 6.5/10