Anne Hathaway wants to star in her own Catwoman movie

IGN caught up with Anne Hathaway recently, who stars in Christopher Nolan’s new movie Interstellar. With female-led superhero movies like Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel coming soon, IGN was curious if Hathaway would be interested in reprising her role as Catwoman from The Dark Knight Rises. Here’s what she had to say:

“Oh yeah that’d be fun. I’d definitely love that. I want to play her again. I don’t know – this is just speculation, because I do think about it sometimes – I think she’s got an amazing backstory and it would be great to see her get her own film. But I don’t know – she is someone who… mystery serves her well so I don’t know what a whole film would do. But who knows?”

Hathaway also said that since Selina Kyle is a thief, she’d love to see her have a cameo in a bigger movie and “steal the show”.

Would you like to see Anne Hathaway back as Catwoman, or should a new actress take over? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.