‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ will be shot in IMAX

Update 11/14/14: An IMAX spokesperson confirmed to /Film that IMAX cameras are being used for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Zack Snyder is taking a page out of Christopher Nolan’s book and shooting some of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in IMAX. Multiple sources from Chicago contacted Batman News last night to say that they saw IMAX cameras being used to film the Wayne murder scene. Chicago native Mike Eisenberg, who owns and operates his own production company, lives right down the street from where they were filming and confirmed the IMAX cameras on Twitter:



A source also told me that Martha Wayne’s pearls will be done in CGI, presumably as they fall from her neck and bounce on the ground after she gets shot.

It’ll be interesting to learn just how much of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is in IMAX, but one thing’s for sure… this will be the best looking Wayne murder scene that’s ever been on screen!