DC releases another round of Convergence details

Following the initial announcement and last week’s details about the Convergence tie-ins, DC has released another set of details.

Last week we announced the first ten 2-part miniseries of DC Comics’ massive 2 month publishing event CONVERGENCE which is taking place in April and May 2015.

Well, we told you that was just the beginning. More details have been announced today.

During the 2 months of CONVERGENCE, fans will get to see moments they never thought they would, including what’s been happening with some of their favorite characters—Hal Jordan as Parallax, Connor Hawke, and Steel—Pre-Zero Hour Metropolis.

Today, DC Comics has revealed more of those exciting moments with the announcement of the next ten 2-part CONVERGENCE miniseries along with creative teams and 10 incredible pieces of interior art.

Head over to HITFIX and BLASTR for the full details and to check out the art.

Look for part 1 of these titles on April 15. And stay tuned, there’s more to come!

This announcement was loaded with Bat-related characters, including the Jim Balent-era purple costumed Catwoman, in addition to the likes of AzBats, Parallax, and Connor Hawke. They seem to be drawing heavily from the Nineties circa Zero Hour up to Flashpoint, which is interesting.

As always, we’ll bring you more news as we hear it.