Earth 2: World’s End #7 review

This review is done a little differently, so just bear with me.  Issue #7 “Arrival” is very good, probably the best issue in this series since Issue #1.  I admit I may have been a bit overzealous in my review of Issue #2, but this is a very, very good book.  Now, why such the low score if you thought it was so awesome?  Anyone ever play an old N64 video game after having not touched the console for like five years?  You’re playing and having a great time, and then something happens that completely breaks the game.  That’s what happened during Daniel H. Wilson’s story this week.  The story broke.

The North Pole:

Yes, you’re reading that right.  Somehow all the Furies managed to make it to the North Pole and are at the Fortress of Solitude.  They talk about each being the last of their kind, and determine that their most dangerous foes during their takeover of Earth will be the Parliament of Elements. This was, artistically, the weakest section in my opinion, with Death and Pestilence in particular looking awful (thought for Pestilence maybe that was on purpose).

Geneva Firepit:

Desaad is trying to manipulate Helena to joining his side as another Fury, but Huntress is having none of it.  There’s a little banter, most of which was actually entertaining from Helena, and it seems like we will see how good her Wayne-Torture-Training really is.  Meanwhile, the rest of the Underground Wonders have their hands full with the Superman clones, and all hell breaks loose.  Thomas and the Kryptonians kick ass, as expected, but Thomas in particular steps up and has two entire pages of awesomeness.  One can only hope this is him taking up his son’s mantle in some small way, and for it to continue.


Three-fifths of the Parliament of Elements has gathered, with Alan. Grundy, and Sam together for a painful reunion between the former lovers.  We get to see how much of a badass Sam is, but unfortunately for Alan, he has already moved on and accepted his role solely as the Avatar of White.


Ok, here’s where the game broke.


Doctor Fate, infected by Famine, shows up on Amazonia and gives his helmet to Jimmy Olsen, who is also holding the Mother Box.   It binds the two together, turning Jimmy into a “god.”  Nope, I checked out.  If you’re going to do something that insane to a character that I’ve come to really enjoy in Earth 2, then you’ve lost me.  I can’t even go on.


  • So the Helm of Nabu is a Mother Box?!   Absolutely not.  Just no.  This is where my brain visibly broke inside of my head.  It doesn’t even make sense!  So who is Nabu?  What about all that history and him fighting in Egypt and whatnot?  Just no…And does that mean Khalid is dead?  He looked pretty messed up.
  • Ok…there’s one other scene where light seems to be blasting holes in Jimmy’s body, but then the very next panel he’s fine. Then the next page it happens again.  Probably an editorial error.
  • Hey so Constantine’s still here, remember that? Also, remember that prison full of the world’s most dangerous villains where Aquawoman was locked up?  Yeah, he’s there, and it seems that he intends to free them.
  • Famine’s dead. Just thought everyone should know.

Favorite Quote: “Come on, old man…Even without the drugs – you were a surgeon once.” – Thomas Wayne

Recommended If…

  • You want to see Thomas step up.
  • You want the most coherent story from an issue so far.
  • You don’t mind some jumps in logic.


Another 50/50 split between the good and bad parts of this issue.  The reason this issue scored higher than the last is because the good was very good.  Still, plot holes and jumps in logic hinder his series from fulfilling its potential.

SCORE: 7/10