‘Batman: The Complete Television Series’ shipped with a glitch, but Warner Bros. has a fix

Update 12/17/14: Warner Bros. has released new information about replacement discs:

The fulfillment process for the Warner Bros. Home Entertainment (WBHE) replacement discs and digital repairs on Batman: The Complete Television Series is in its initial stages, the first being the actual fixes and production of the discs. Once this initial phase is completed, discs will be distributed.

To ensure you will receive replacement discs, consumers are directed to www.shipment-service.com/batman66 or to call 800-891-1311 to register and initiate the process. If you have already sent an email to Customer Service, we have received your email and you will be contacted to complete the registration process by early 2015.

The worldwide demand for Batman: The Complete Television Series is extremely high, and this process is being expedited as quickly as possible. However, there are necessary steps to be taken, and a large number of fans to accommodate. Please be patient.

Batman: The Complete Television Series was released on Blu-ray and DVD for the very first time last month. There was a lot of hype and excitement around the Adam West show, but unfortunately the discs and even the digital version shipped with a small glitch. There are about 5 minutes worth of technical issues in total, and Warner Bros. is offering replacement discs and a way for fans who bought the digital version to re-download. If you’ve experienced these technical issues, head on over to Warner Bros. support page to let them know and request your replacement. The full release from Warner Bros. is below with all of the details:

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment (WBHE) will provide fans with replacement discs and digital repairs to the few minor technical issues identified in its recent release of Batman: The Complete Television Series.

Amounting to less than five minutes of footage within the 50-plus hours of entertainment, the issues encompass one 60-second dropped scene in the episode entitled “Marsha’s Scheme of Diamonds”; a brief piece of rarely-heard William Dozier narration that originally opened the pilot episode, “Hi Diddle Riddle”; and an assembly of villain tags from the end of assorted episodes.

“The restoration process of this footage – spanning 48 years and two major studios – has been a super heroic task, and we deeply regret even the smallest of glitches occurring in that process,” said Rosemary Markson, Senior Vice President, TV Brand Management & Retail Marketing, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. “We recognize our obligation to the fans of this landmark series, and we have worked diligently to identify all issues and provide resolutions as quickly as possible.”

To resolve these issues for consumers purchasing Batman: The Complete Television Series, WBHE will make available complete replacement discs for the discs that originally included the episodes “Marsha’s Scheme of Diamonds” and “Hi Diddle Riddle.” The villain tags will be re-issued as an assembled string on one of the aforementioned discs and, as an added bonus, WBHE has acquired rights and legal clearances to both a Bat-vehicle teaser that originally aired as part of the second season-opening “Shoot A Crooked Arrow” episode, and one of the original promotional tags that aired on the original showing of the “The Duo Defy” episode. Additionally, all fixes will be made to all Digital HD versions of Batman: The Complete Television Series.

To obtain the replacement discs, consumers who have purchased Batman: The Complete Television Series are directed to www.warnerbros.com/help/customer-service.

Worldwide demand for the Limited Edition box set of Batman: The Complete Television Series has been tremendous, resulting in widespread retailer sellouts and rapidly dwindling inventories heading into the holiday season. To fulfill consumer interest, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has announced a new streamlined Blu-ray™ box set that includes all 120 episodes and matching enhanced content from the limited edition set, but without the added premium items or Digital HD copy. Purchasers of this set will also need to utilize the customer service website to obtain replacement discs.