Rumor: The Dark Knight Returns is getting a second follow-up

In what could possibly be the biggest comics-related story of the year, Bleeding Cool is reporting that a new Dark Knight story from Frank Miller could be on the way.

The comic will be scripted by both Frank Miller and Scott Snyder, but the nature of presentation and release is in a state of conflict: Snyder wants a standalone story drawn by Sean Murphy, while DC wants a multi-issue series with a rotating team of artists such as Andy Kubert, Jim Lee, and Snyder’s current partner on Batman Greg Cappulo. Miller, who drew the first two series, is in too poor of health to handle penciling duties, so either way a new artist would have to be brought on board.

The Dark Knight Returns, widely regarded as one of the best Batman stories ever told, laid the groundwork for the interpretation of Batman for the next thirty years. A sequel, The Dark Knight Strikes Again, was published beginning in 2001 as a three issue limited series, but it is widely considered a disappointment compared to the original seminal work. The story of this second follow-up will reportedly focus on an elderly Carrie Kelly, first introduced as Robin and later becoming Catgirl, who is in a similar position as Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Returns: in search of a successor to protect Gotham City.

As of right now, this is just a rumor, so take it with a healthy amount of salt, but check back for updates when an official confirmation is released.

SOURCE: Bleeding Cool