DC Collectibles Designer Series Catwoman by Greg Capullo

Series 2 of the DC Collectibles Designer Series by Greg Capullo came out this week and the folks at DC were kind enough to send me an sample of the Catwoman figure. Unfortunately, I’m kind of disappointed in it.

Don’t get me wrong, overall it’s a quality Catwoman figure, but it just doesn’t have that undeniable Greg Capullo influence that the Batman or Talon figures possess. We’ve only seen Capullo draw Catwoman what, three times? The design we see here takes a little bit from each illustration with the body being pretty much spot-on but that’s all traditional Catwoman and could even pass for a pre-New 52 figure, but the cowl is small like the panel in Capullo’s Batman #5/Catwoman #13 cover and yet has an exposed neck just like the Arizona Comic Con sketch he released way back.  I think the figure would’ve been more visually interesting if, like the art it’s based on, we would’ve had transparent lenses that made Selina’s sultry gaze more visible. Instead the goggles are painted a glittery gold that looks great at some angles and insect-like from others.

Speaking of Catwoman’s cowl, those of you who have been anxiously awaiting the release of this figure will quickly notice that I have no photos of the second, mask-less head that has been featured in advertisements for nearly a year. That’s because there is no extra head included, which is a good thing and a bad thing. On the good side, that head sculpt was hideous and an insult to how extraordinary Capullo’s artwork is month after month. On the bad side, just having the option would’ve been appreciated because Catwoman has the fewest accessories of any Capullo figure and it kind of feels like you’re getting cheated when you consider she costs the same price as all the other characters with the exception of that giant Thrasher Suit Batman (I’ll call it Owl-Buster Armor until the day I die!).

The only accessory Catwoman gets is her whip, which is well-crafted from textured rubber that looks great, but is so soft that you’ll have some trouble posing it the way you want. Having a little cat figurine or diamonds or something would’ve been a nice addition in the absence of that extra head, but mostly I just wish that these Designer Series figures came with a stand like the Batman: The Animated Series or Li’l Gotham toys also on sale now (I’m still having trouble keeping Capullo Robin and Capullo Batman standing upright). Then again, with Catwoman you don’t have terribly many options for how to pose her because, surprisingly, one of the most agile characters in the DC Universe has what appears to be the fewest points of articulation of the Capullo Series. She can do the splits, but not bend at the waist and her neck is really stiff.

I like Jonathan Matthews’ sculpt of the body, the gesturing of her clawed fingers, and the attention to detail given to Catwoman’s intricately fastened boots (those are the highest heels, ever). Her outfit definitely looks like a genuinely skin-tight catsuit, what with the subtle wrinkling at the hips, waist, arms, and the back of the cowl and her front zipper is also quite detailed. However, I do believe that the figure could’ve been a tiny bit shorter. I know she’s wearing absurdly high heels, but even so she shouldn’t be the same height as The Dark Knight. Either Batsy needed to be taller or Catwoman needed to be shorter. ‘Nuff said.

It’s a well-made Catwoman figure, but not a must-buy (certainly not for the full retail price of $25.00) like so many other figures in the Capullo Series. She has the fewest accessories, not much articulation, and just doesn’t show off enough personality. She just looks like a really good, traditional take on Catwoman stylish packaging.

You can check out a trailer below showcasing the other Series 2 figures. And don’t worry, I already contacted DC Collectibles about how they mistakenly showed an example of Capullo’s Dick Grayson side-by-side with Bruce in the Thrasher suit and they replied that they’ll “Let the team know.”