Tom Taylor leaving ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’

In a surprise announcement, Tom Taylor reveals that he will be leaving Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Posting on his Facebook page, Taylor reveals that digital issues 13 and 14, what he calls a “bittersweet Superman story,” will be his final contribution to the book. His reasons for leaving:

The reason… is simple; I’m only one person.
I’ve been writing a WEEKLY comic for over two years now and I have put my all into every chapter, every character, and every panel.
I have wanted to deliver and improve every week on our series for our fans, my friends, my colleagues, and for the great characters who deserve great stories.
However, I am also the co-creator and lead writer of The Deep animated series, which is a 7 day a week job.
I write another monthly comic.
And, most importantly, I am the father of Finn and Connor and the husband of Megan. They need me weekly too

He goes on to reveal that Brian Buccellato will take over writing duties starting with digital issue #15.

The native Australian, who has written Injustice since its inception, also writes Earth-2 and is developing an animated series based on his work The Deep. By all accounts the departure appears to be amicable, but the news still comes as a shock considering his tenure on the book and increasing critical acclaim.

We’ll have more information as we get it here at Batman News.

SOURCE: IGNTom Taylor (Facebook)