Amy Adams talks more ‘Batman v Superman’, can’t stop gushing about Gal Gadot (video)

As Amy Adams continues to do press for her new Tim Burton movie Big Eyes, we’re treated to more nuggets of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice news. In a recent interview, Adams said that Gal Gadot was the coolest girl ever, and she can’t stop gushing about her in a new interview with MTV.

“Well, I was doing a Superman [movie] — my part is mostly there,” Adams noted. “But it was really fun to get to play with these other characters that were coming in, and get to have Gal [Gadot] there, and get to have another girl on set.”

Adams said it was fun to play with all of the new characters, but wouldn’t confirm if Lois Lane has any scenes with Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman together. She then continued to throw compliments Gadot’s way:

“I can’t really say!” Adams continued. “But I will say that Gal looks really, really good in that costume. I was like, really? They make them like you? That’s awesome… For you. I’m really happy for you. Not so much for me. But, Lois is a mortal.”

Check out the full video interview below for more comments, including if Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice still feels like a Superman movie.

Gal Gadot’s casting as Wonder Woman was met with a lot of criticism, perhaps even more than Ben Affleck as Batman. If you were on the fence about Gadot, is it reassuring to hear an accomplished actor like Amy Adams continue to gush over her? Let me know what you think in the comments below.