Dr. Leslie Thompkins meets Jim Gordon in new ‘Gotham’ clip (video)

Morena Baccarin makes her long awaited debut as Dr. Leslie Thompkins when Gotham returns on Monday, January 5th. In the new clip above, Dr. Thompkins meets Jim Gordon, who is now a corrections officer at Arkham Asylum, for the first time. Ben McKenzie has hinted that Dr. Thompkins will be a love interest for Gordon. Sorry, Barbara!

Gotham’s Leslie Thompkins will be a bit different than the comic book version. “I’m a physician. I’m working at Arkham, but we’re not sticking too close to the original mythology,” Baccarin told Entertainment Weekly. “We are having her team up with Jim Gordon instead of the Wayne family and Bruce. Eventually, who knows—it could go in that direction, but it hasn’t yet.”

Check out the clip above and head on over to Entertainment Weekly at the source link below to learn more about Gotham’s Dr. Leslie Thompkins.

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly