Henry Cavill gave these commemorative ‘Batman v Superman’ coins to the crew

Henry Cavill is making it really hard to root against Superman. First he debunked a bogus rumor for us, and now he’s proved that he’s just an all-around good guy. For his third movie in a row, Cavill has handed out special commemorative coins to the crew members that work hard behind-the-scenes. Our friends at HenryCavill.org have the backstory behind this tradition:

“During [the Man of Steel] shooting I discovered that the US military have a series of coins to commemorate each department and individual force within the military so I thought, considering the epic journey we all went through on such an iconic project, it only fair that we have our own coin too!” Henry says. “This is just a little souvenir to keep and remember the satisfyingly hard work and the good times from start to finish.”

An anonymous source sent @Filming_Chicago images of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice coins. Check them out in the gallery below.

I’m not sure if these are two different coins, or just a look at the front and back. The Batman and Superman logos are present along with the the dates of the long shoot — “May 19th to December 4th 2014”.

It’s really nice that Henry Cavill does something like this with each movie he works on. These will definitely be a great collector’s item for those lucky enough to have worked on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.