Report: The real reason Tom Hardy exited ‘Suicide Squad’


Yesterday’s big news was that Tom Hardy had dropped out of Suicide Squad, which begins shooting in April. The Hollywood Reporter said that it was due to scheduling conflicts, but Latino Review claims to know the real reason for his abrupt exit:

Now, we’ve learned why Tom Hardy has dropped out of the project. According to sources, He simply didn’t like the script he was finally given. Like we figured, the scheduling conflict is a cover story, so he left the project under amicable terms.

Latino Review also says that the latest draft of Suicide Squad gives Deadshot (Will Smith) and The Joker (Jared Leto) more screen time, at the expense of the lesser known villains like Rick Flagg, who Tom Hardy signed on to play.

We’ll probably never know for sure what the real reason for Hardy’s exit is, unless more websites all start reporting the same thing. Still, if Latino Review’s source are to be believed, Suicide Squad could have a script problem.

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SOURCE: Latino Review