Batman/Superman #18 review

Right out the gate, I will say that I loved everything about this issue (sans the number of ads). If this is the type of storytelling and understanding of the dynamic between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel that I have to look forward to in the upcoming Batman vs Superman film, then I’m game.

Continuing last issues story, Batman and Superman are facing a threat that has them on their toes and scratching their heads. The villain seems to be Superman’s very own version of the Joker as his attacks have been very personal towards the Kryptonian, and he even shares a maniacal laugh.

Superman has shown his sympathy for the tragedies that have occurred during these attacks, but now he’s at his wit’s end. Instead of attending a funeral for the mysterious villain’s latest victim, Superman is preparing to probe the damaged Fortress of Solitude for any information to find and stop the killer. Apparently, the fortress is recovering from it’s encounter with Braniac and needs time to restore itself. But Superman isn’t feeling too patient. It’s written all over his face, he’s fed up. When Superman gets angry, he has such a menacing stare and focus about him, so it takes a lot to change his demeanor. That change comes in the form of Supergirl, Kara Zor-El. Gotta say, I love her Kryptonian suit. Matter of fact, I really enjoyed how much Kryptonian culture is in this issue, period. Greg Pak illustrates a sound understanding on Superman, the alien. He’s human in the sense of personality, but he has this heritage that is rich with a fascinating culture. Supergirl reminds her cousin the importance of the fortress’s Crystal Brain in restoring the people of Krypton so that he doesn’t do any further damage to it and jeopardize losing loved ones and the connection to their past.

This quick moment of reassurance is interrupted by the voice of the unknown culprit. Superman’s rage bubbles up again as he’s tired of playing games when lives are on the line. Batman enters the fray with a plan already set into motion. From last issue’s cliffhanger, we know that Batman is planning to lure out their foe using some live bait– Lois Lane. A usual run of the mill Superman archetype, but this one plays out fresh as Batman is just finding out about the bond his friend shares with Lois. It was funny and pretty relatable seeing Superman’s reaction to Lois revealing such details thst are now known by Supergirl and Batman. Their reactions were even better. Really felt like responses one would receive from friends and family when discussing a significant other.

Batman’s plan draws out an attack sending Superman and Supergirl on the move. The attacks, vanishing bullets that claimed the other victims, so far have been untraceable. However, due to a miscalculation and probably good luck, Batman and Superman are finally able to gain some ground in this peculiar case.

I was shocked when the bullet hit Bats instead of Lois. The villain realized the close connection between the two heroes. This scene made the Flash 75 variant cover more relevant to the issue. Batman & Superman have one of the greatest bromances in pop culture!

The book looks terrific! Ardian Syaf is magnificent within these pages. His art is very nicely detailed and can tell most of the story on its own without words. Sandra Hope Archer and Jaime Mendoza handle the ink duties, while Ulises Arreola handles the colors. All three contribute greatly to bring Syaf’s drawings to life. The placing of the panels really move the story along nicely

When the bullet zig-zagged around Clark and Kara’s hands I was on the edge of my seat. Then you turn the page, and there’s a large two-page ad! It was like going to a commercial right at the climax! Well played DC

Recommended if :

  • You want a taste of what could be on the big screen
  • Like to see some outstanding visuals
  • Want to lay witness to the coolest bromance on earth

Overall : 

The story is well paced. It shows believable reactions from the entire cast and really establishes the relationship between each player. The inclusion of Kryptonian behavior and information was nicely sprinkled in. Also, there’s a Justice League cameo that sets up the next issue.  This arc is off to a great start and has easily become one of my favorite titles. It’s a fun read that looks to explore more of Superman’s past and future and continue rad team up of DC’s finest! 

SCORE: 9.5/10