Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse #7 review

After using the hard copies for the last few reviews and a number of conversations with other readers and community members, I decided to take this issue into three parts using the Digital First issues.  The good news was that I enjoyed this issue far more than the previous three; the bad news being that almost all the positivity comes from the first-third of the issue, not an increase in Dan Abnett’s story-telling ability. So in the spirit of demonstrating how much I loved this first third, I’m going to split up the review into three parts.  This will probably become a recurring rubric.

Infinite Crisis #19

This was the single best issue of the entire run so far, mostly because it has nothing to do with any of the thin, predictable characters that have been on display so far.  The issue starts off on Nil, the homeworld of the Monitors, from the perspective of Pulp Doctor Fate, Kent Nelson of Earth-20.  I love this character so much because of his realness.  When an army of Nightmare Metallos comes to Nil, Pulp Fate leads the defense alongside Reverse Gender Green Arrow of Earth-11 and Dark Knight Returns’ Powergirl of Earth-31.  Just look at those descriptions.  You have a self-narrating noir detective with supercharged weapons, a wise-cracking archer with a heart of gold, and a reckless Kryptonian inspired by Frank Miller.  Those three fight against an unending siege of Metallo units.  Of course, because this is Infinite Crisis, anyone can die at any time, but come on.  These were the three coolest, funniest, most entertaining characters of the series so far and they lasted one digital issue.  One takeaway would be some of Emanuel Simeoni’s pencils when it comes to detailing faces.  It’s a little skewed, and the “two minutes too late” Batman-Prime looks awful.  SCORE: 9/10

Infinite Crisis #20

Welcome to ten pages of heroes beating up Metallo clones.  Batman, Cyborg, Nightmare Robin, and Arcane Zod arrive moments after Doctor Fate has fallen and taken up the fight against the invaders trying to take over Nil.  It’s full of things like Batman saying “Hit them hard.” The four fighters begin to be overwhelmed by the Metallos when Cyborg warps in Arcane Green Lantern, Arcane Zatanna, Zatanna-Prime, and Mecha Superman.  On another side of the planet, the team of Flash, Gaslight Catwoman, Gaslight Luthor, Arcane Supergirl, and Atomic Wonder Woman find the remains of a number of a dead Monitor.  SCORE: 4/10

Infinite Crisis #21

This issue trade in Emanuel Simeoni’s artwork for that of Christian Duce, and that cost a few points with me.  While I didn’t think Simeoni’s stuff was some of the best that I have seen, I’m really not as much a fan of Duce’s.  There’s something weird about how he draws Atomic Wonder Woman, who’s one of the few really interesting characters in this series.  It’s always like she’s half-finished, but it’s almost always just her.  It’s very strange.  One interesting moment was how Mecha Superman reacted to Metallo’s existence.  Apparently on his planet, Metallo was a figment of his creator’s, Clark Kent’s, imagination.  This causes the robot to go on a one-machine rampage and tear up the Metallos, forcing them to retreat.  Flash’s group comes across more dead Monitors.  We as the audience know that there is only one Monitor left, though not why they all look exactly the same.  We also get to find out who the big, bad, baddy is (I think.)  Guess below in the comments before peeking in the Spoilers!  SCORE: 4/10


  • It’s Brainiac. To those of you who didn’t peak, good for you!  To those of you who did, I’m shaking my head slowly.

Favorite Quote:  “He recruited defenders.  He got me.  He got the girl archer.  (God, she’s all kinds of cool)” – Pulp Fate

Recommended If…

  • Doctor Fate is in your wheelhouse.
  • You don’t mind only really enjoying one-third of an issue.
  • You enjoy seeing Metallo getting beat down.

Overall:  Man, I loved that first-third.  Doctor Fate has so quickly skyrocketed up my list of favorite heroes, and how he, Green Arrow, and Powergirl are all presented is just so awesome.  It’s a shame that the intrigue that the creative team tried to bring about in the second half of the book failed to pull me in.

SCORE: 6/10