Meet Chelsea Spack, the ‘Gotham’ actress who’s bringing the (future) Riddler’s love interest to life

Last spring Chelsea Spack received her MFA from Rutgers University, and by the fall she made her debut on the #1 new show on TV. Earlier this week I spoke to the Gotham actress about playing Edward Nygma’s love interest/crush, Kristen Kringle. We talked about her great chemistry with Cory Michael Smith, what fans can expect to see between Kringle and Nygma on Monday’s episode of Gotham, and lots more. Check out the full interview below!

I was checking out your website and you have quite the résumé there. Can you talk about your theater background and let fans know a little bit about yourself?

Sure, absolutely. I’ve done a lot of theater and I have gotten my MFA in acting and have awesome training under my belt. I love doing theater, love doing TV, love doing film. I got my MFA from Rutgers in New Jersey, they have a wonderful program there. I’m obviously currently living in New York City and loving it.

Is Gotham is your first big TV role?

It is, it is. I couldn’t ask to have jumped into a more phenomenal production or work with a better cast or more brilliant writers. This is a dream working on this show. It’s wonderful.

What was the transition like going from theater to television?

You know, I think that it boils down to acting is acting. It’s been an exciting transition and smooth transition. But you know, acting is acting, so it’s been wonderful. It’s been really great to exercise these muscles and crossover to this world.

It’s obvious that Edward Nygma has a crush on your character Kristen Kringle.

Is it obvious? [laughs]

It’s a little obvious [laughs]. She seemed to be warming up to him in this week’s episode, but I noticed the officer who kind of bullied Nygma away… is that her boyfriend or is she available?

[laughs] You’re trying to ask if Kristen Kringle is available, huh? That is something that you will have to watch and see, because there is more to that detective than you know right now. So yeah, Edward Nygma. I think every time they interact I think he’s slowly starting to get through to her in ways and possibly break through some of her defenses. I think that he drives her absolutely crazy and he frustrates her, but I think there’s something about him that she’s intrigued by and she can’t put her finger on it, and it’s frustrating, but it’s there.

You and Cory Michael Smith have great chemistry together in your scenes, what’s it like working with him?

It is everything his adoring fans would hope that it is. He’s brilliant, and fun, and charming, and kind. It’s wonderful and it’s great having this chemistry that the writers have really responded to. We’re excited to see how our storyline develops.

We’ve only seen a little bit of Kristen Kringle. We know she works in the records department at the police station, is there anything else you can say about her?

Well you know I’ll say that I think she’s a mysterious woman, and like all of us she has her secrets. I think one thing that Edward is attracted to is that she, like him, is really brilliant. And she’s focused and takes her job really seriously like he does. She’s on her way up in the world, she has ambitions and things that she wants to achieve. I love that she works in the records room because she’s in charge of information, and I think that information is power.

I read that you’re certified in stage combat. Can you talk a bit about that. Do you think Kristen Kringle might have to defend herself with all the crime that goes on in Gotham?

I think that it always helps for a woman to know how to bust a move and how to defend herself. Being certified in stage combat is awesome and a great skill to have. She has secrets and she’s a smart woman, and you never know when knowing how to defend yourself will come in handy.

I mentioned your chemistry with Cory Michael Smith, but Gotham has a fantastic cast overall. Are there any other actors that you’re hoping you get to mix it up with in a future episode?

That’s a great question because there are so many wonderful actors and I think that Kristen Kringle has so much potential, and because she works in the police department and because she works in the records room, that leaves potential for her to interact with virtually anybody. Anybody looking for some information. It’s such a wonderful cast to work with, they’ve made me feel right at home. I’m excited to see who I interact with, and who bumps into our storyline.

Kristen Kringle will be on Monday’s episode of Gotham. What can fans expect to see between her and Nygma this time around?

All I can say is, like I said before, he’s slowly getting through to her. I think that she’s starting to recognize that amidst the dark world of Gotham, it’s refreshing to have somebody who really cares. I think she’s also realizing how she’s holding somebody’s feeling, that are very deep feelings, and she has somebody’s heart in her hand. That’s a scary place to be… what do you do when somebody is obsessed with you? But it’s deep feelings, and you hold their heart in your hands. That’s a complicated position to be in.