Watch the Super Bowl for Katy Perry, but don’t expect a ‘Batman v Superman’ commercial

Deadline has a list of the big movie trailers that are expected to play during the Super Bowl tomorrow night, and sadly Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is nowhere to be seen. “Warner Bros traditionally hasn’t purchased spots in the past and isn’t expected to do so this year”, the site reports.

There were rumors that a Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice commercial would be shown during the big game, but it looks like they weren’t true. Since my Dallas Cowboys didn’t make it to the Super Bowl I’ll be watching for Katy Perry’s halftime show, because… obviously.

Another rumor that isn’t true is the one that said a trailer would debut next week with Jupiter Ascending. Don’t count on that. Let’s just hope the wait for a Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer isn’t too much longer. And if you really need a Batman/Super Bowl fix, check out one of the last times Warner Bros. bought an ad for the big game… the 2005 Batman Begins Super Bowl commercial!

SOURCE: Deadline