Futures End #40 review

Lordy Lordy! Look who’s 40! It’s Futures End of course! We’re a hefty 40 issues deep (41 if you count the zero issue) and the story is ramping up hard in this issue. If there’s been one consistent negative about this series, it’s been the extreme lack of follow through. For example, how awesome were those first few issues? I was truly intrigued and thought there would be something incredible to follow. For the majority of issues between #3-39, they’ve been either disappointments or false promises at best. This issue is not much different. It’s mostly really fun to read, but I’m sort of afraid it’s going to be a let down once #41 arrives. Like the step-dad who promises next weekend you’re going to the zoo, but he gets drunk on Friday night and forgets to come get you because he’s got a hangover and his girlfriend Alice who smells like old lady perfume calls your mom to say he’s sorry, that you’ll go another time and you don’t believe it because it’s not the first time this kind of thing has happened… yeah that’s kind of what this feels like: the idea of the issue is exciting, but I’m afraid it might just go nowhere.

  1. Smallville, Kansas – Superman flies off to Metropolis (thanks to Midge’s clue before she died last issue) stopping by his old house in Smallville to grab his shirt and cape. The miniature corn folks attack Constantine, but he summons a giant wart hog to devour the corn people. I really don’t understand the corn people. Part of me wishes it would’ve been carrot people and, because of the Warner Brothers/DC Comics ties, Constantine would’ve summoned a weirdly giant Bugs Bunny. That would’ve been cool. Constantine’s final line would’ve been uttered as the carrot monsters looked on in fear, the giant Bugs foaming at the mouth above him, “What’s up, doc?”
  2. Up High, Down Low. In Space, In Your Face. – Stormwatch appears on the Justice League’s screen just in time to see Angie, the once-possessed Engineer, become re-possessed and wig-out on everyone. Brainiac’s ship/Blood Moon appears and Angie flies toward it. What appears to be small pink globes begin reigning down on the city. The scenes flash from the Earth and all the destruction by the pink globes, to the League’s tower where Doctor Polaris, Firestorm and Shazuperman are working on their teleporter investigation. Mass destruction is taking place around Manhattan with the pink globe meteors and Cyborg orders Shazuperman to stay with Polaris? Weird. Understandably, Shazuperman wants to be of use. I mean, why isn’t he allowed to go? Clearly, one of the largest threats to Earth is upon them and Cyborg can’t just print out the schematics for the magnetic doctor and tell him to be on his way? Or since Doctor Polaris is a strong meta-being now, can he not just help out?On the Earth side of the story, we get to see Bruce, Tim and Plastique. Bruce is a bit uncharacteristically chatty, but I’m glad he gets some panel time nonetheless. Lois makes an appearance as well. The little pink globes flying so fiercely into the surface of the Earth form a grid around Manhattan. Apparently, Brainiac wants a sample, and that sample is the city. He even appears in the midst of the city. But oh wait. What is that red streak across the sky? It can’t be him can it? Oh yes, it is him! To quote a fighter jet pilot on the way to the city, he’s the “one who saved us all.”

The art for this issue is handled by my favorite Futures End artist, Patrick Zircher. It would be ridiculous for him to draw each week’s issue, but I wish the editors used him more often. It makes for such a better read when he’s covering visuals. Hi-Fi and Sook’s colors and cover are equally excellent on this eventful #40 issue as well.

Recommended If:

  • You got tired of other issues not mattering a hill of beans.
  • You want to add to your collection of amazing Sook covers.
  • You want to see the beginning of the end.


This is a good place to pick up this series if you haven’t been completely turned away from it by now. The “big bad” of Futures End is finally attacking and I’m really kind of excited, but not so much that I’m even thinking of getting my hopes up. No, if the next issue is bad, I’ll revoke any good sentiments I held about this one. Good artwork regardless, though!

SCORE: 7.5/10