Monthly Comic Book Sales Report: January 2015

This is a Batman site, but I would be remiss if I didn’t point out the fact that the new Star Wars title that premiered in January had the highest totals for a comic that I have seen in years, coming in at 985,976.  That number is ridiculous!  It’s ten times the number of the second highest selling comic from January, and that was Batman.  I guess the force is still strong with Star Wars!

Below you will find a chart detailing the 25 comics that this site reviews, along with the total sales for this month and several previous months.  Numbers displayed are in the thousands.

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This month we have 2 titles that are climbing instead of falling:  Earth 2 Worlds End gained about a thousand per issue and Batgirl gained 36 more than last months totals.  Not 36 thousand, just 36.  While that might not seem like a huge accomplishment, any comic that can halt the bleed and gain numbers (even small numbers) is doing something right.

Which of these titles had the greatest increase due to digital sales?  Batman, Multiversity Guidebook, and Injustice.

Our biggest losers of the month are Multiversity, Arkham Manor, and Gotham by Midnight. But as I mentioned above, Multiversity is also one of the main beneficiaries from digital sales… so the title that had the biggest drop in January might not be our biggest loser after all. Unfortunately I don’t know how much this offset is since the digital numbers are not currently being shared, but it for sure did not lose the 9,000 that the decline in print sales would indicate. Since I brought it up last month, I’d also like to point out that Grayson is now selling less than Nightwing was.  38 thousand is nothing to be ashamed about, but at 6 months in, sales typically begin to plateau.  Just look at Batgirl.  It’s only 3 months after the new creative team was introduced and they are doing great!


For your convenience, links to the top 5 best selling books from January that we review.

January 2015 – Top 50

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