Justice League #39 review

We’ve finally reached the conclusion of the Amazo Virus arc and let’s just say that it was AMAZING! Honestly, I feel like I’ve offered a bit too much praise in some of these reviews, but I thoroughly enjoyed this story and this was a fitting end to this arc. Johns and Fabok really found their groove in their first outing together and it made me that much more excited for the upcoming Darkseid War.

It’s been a wild ride for our Justice League members, who are now down to only Superman, Wonder Woman, and Lex Luthor. Steve Trevor and Captain Cold are providing assistance as well, but it’s safe to say that the League’s backs are against the ropes. Luthor’s deadly virus has spread rapidly and is possibly endangering the entire globe. The remaining heroes are doing their best to fight off the hordes that include their super friends, but things look quite bleak. Superman seems set on fighting this thing until the end, but Diana and Lex both know that their efforts will prove futile if another solution isn’t formulated. They need a sample of Superman’s blood since he (and Wonder Woman) aren’t affected by the virus due to not being human.

As Luthor races to find a cure for this large magnitude of a mess that he’s created, Captain Cold rides in to assist Wonder Woman who’s trying to hold off the League and Patient Zero by herself. I have to commend the Amazonian, that lady can fight. The infected are a little weaker than they would be on their own, but all at once and under control from the same source, that’s a pretty daunting task to go up against all by your lonesome. Captain Cold is employed by Luthor who a part of the League, so I can understand why he’d be inclined to help those who’d usually lock him up, but he offers his own explanation: ” When it comes to the survival of the human race, I’m for it”. He may be a hired hand, but I reckon ol’ Leonard Snart is having a delightful time saving the world. The remaining heroes continue their battle against Patient Zero and the Amazo Virus, and the whole ordeal is just wonderful.

Thanks to Captain Cold, they realize that freezing temperatures work against the virus. Superman rushes to the battle and together with Cold, they freeze Patient Zero, breaking his control over the infected. The reason this part was so great to me was not because they found a way to save the day, but because Luthor is shown pouting that he wasn’t the one to save the day. In your face Luthor! I totally wish he would’ve got punched again by a League member

The art in this issue and just this book in general is amaz….spectacular! Jason Fabok has easily become one of my favorite artists at DC along with Ardian Syaf and Patrick Gleason. Fabok’s attention to detail is immaculate and he really knows how to balance multiple characters and things going on all at once on the page. Brandon Anderson’s color really compliment the artwork done here. Like I mentioned earlier, Johns and Fabok did an amazing job in this “warm up” to their big event coming up next. I would recommend anyone to pick up this entire arc just on the artwork alone.

Recommended if:

  • You want to see the resilience the Justice League
  • You love amazing art (I really can’t help myself using the word amazing)
  • Wonder Woman kicking some major tail is your thing (how can it NOT be?)
  • You want to see some major developments that are sure to play a part later on down the line


I am thoroughly satisfied with Jason Fabok and Geoff Johns’ initial run together and I’m betting on more of the same high quality work on their next arc. Johns writes wonderfully for the various characters in the book, really showcasing their individual personalities and showing great development for each main player as events unfold. Besides the awesome artwork, the TWO reveals at the end of the book is what kicked the score up for me. A fitting end to a great story.

Lex Luthor was so deadset on being the hero that as a result, he ended getting his first very own rogue gallery member–Amazo. I like this version of the villain and can’t wait to see if he’s brought back into the mix. Welcome to the big leagues, Lex. Also, the other reveal was the return of Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern. My mind is already racing as I anxiously wait to see what’s next!

SCORE: 10/10