Earth 2: World’s End #22 review

This week we were treated to a bit of a surprise by Earth 2 and Earth 2: World’s End.  The two books run almost concurrently with one another, and the stories tie in very closely.  They both also feature the “jumping around from scene to scene” method that World’s End has been doing.  I really did enjoy these issues, if only because I basically got two World’s End issues in one week.  So let’s just say this is Part 1 of this week’s World’s End review!

Earth Orbit:  Green Lantern has absorbed all the other Avatar powers and has taken on the role of the last remaining defender of the Parliament of Elements.  There is a touching moment that borders of closure between Sam and Alan that reaffirms the reason why Alan was chosen to protect the planet.  With the terraformers of Apokolips bearing down on Earth 2, the strength of the Green Lantern seems like the best hope for salvation.

Amazonia:  Apokolips ground forces have launched an attack on the World’s Army Headquarters on the island of Amazonia.  Kalibak and Barda lead the charge against the remaining soldiers, who are unceremoniously decimated.  It has to suck being them right?  They survive through the end of the world and all this nonsense only to be killed with less than a handful of issues left.  Jimmy Olsen shows up and starts wiping the floor with them before Kalibak headbutts him in the chest, which actually made me physically recoil.

TSS Endurance:  Ugh.  Every time I have to review this section, it will start with an “Ugh.”  So apparently the hidden interdimensional spaceship that was blown up in the last issues was not the hidden interdimensional spaceship that our heroes were on.  It was a different hidden interdimensional spaceship that existed in another universe, and it’s alright because for some reason Terry Sloan knew that no one would be on that hidden interdimensional spaceship.  Have I mentioned how stupid I think the hidden interdimensional spaceship idea is?  I’m not even using commas to describe it.

Atom’s Haven:  Batman, Huntress, and (Red) Green Arrow arrive at Atom’s Haven with the Codex, ready to get it off-world.  Major Sato informs them of Brainwave, who has taken over the minds of thousands of people in the refugee camp including those of the escape pilots.  Sato commissions the trio to secure the ships.  Meanwhile, Dick Grayson has found his son and confronts Brainwave.  The villain forces Ted Grant to turn a gun on his companion, but is stopped by an incoming Batman and Huntress.  All hell breaks out as the duo crashes the party.

The Stratosphere:  Val, Kara, and Red Tornado Lois reach Green Lantern in space with the same glimmer of hope in their eyes that the reader shares.  Val seems absolutely thrilled that Alan is “the other option” outside of fighting that he’s been looking for.  That hope turns to despair as the power of the Parliament runs dry rather quickly, and the planet is left defenseless once again against the power of Apokolips.

Here’s my nit-picking moment of the week: Red Tornado’s powers should not work in “Earth Orbit” where Green Lantern was.  Sure, they start off in the stratosphere, but then they fly up towards space.  There is nowhere near enough air in space to create tornadoes strong enough to keep Red Tornado up.  Then again, that would also mean that the Wonders could not speak to one another because of the same lack of necessary air particles above the atmosphere, but then I’d be questioning tenets of superhero law that I’m not ready to delve into.

Hey! I loved the artwork!  Ortego et al. do a stand-out job this week with the wide array of scenarios that they were given.  I loved the splash page with Batman and Huntress diving in to save Dick.  The orbit/stratosphere pages were also very well done and used a wide variety of popping colors that highlighted the convergence (ha-ha!) of the avatar powers.


  • So Jimmy Olsen is a New God now? Alright…
  • That scene of Dick picking up the Batarang like “oh, cool” made me smile.
  • Dick’s son goes missing again, because we can’t have his story just end.

Favorite Quote:  “I don’t think this is what Bruce imagined, at the end.” – (Red) Green Arrow, because this isn’t what any of us imagined when this started.

Recommended If…

  • You want to read the beginning of the end leading into Convergence.
  • You’ve been waiting for a half-decent issue.

Overall:  This was probably the first issue I genuinely enjoyed in a few months.  Granted, it goes hand-in-hand with this week’s Earth 2 issue, which allows it to do more than what we’ve become accustomed to in World’s End.

SCORE: 6.5/10