First look at the wild new Batman that DC is launching in June

Last month DC Comics announced that they’d be making some changes to their books in June, and now we have the first look at the wild new Batman. Scott Snyder told CBR that it’s the boldest, weirdest, and biggest thing they’ve ever tried on “Batman”.

CBR News: Scott, it certainly feels like big things are coming in “Batman.” It’s been established there’s a status quo change coming in June following “Convergence” — how much can you say at this point?

Scott Snyder: I’m not going to spoil it specifically, but I can tell you unequivocally, it is the boldest, weirdest, biggest thing we’ve ever tried on the book. I’m not being hyperbolic: You’ll see it, and you’ll be like, “I can’t believe they’re doing that.”

It’s my fifth year in Bat-world, and Greg’s fourth. “Endgame” was originally designed possibly to be my last story on [“Batman”] when I first thought of it while I was doing “Death of the Family.” What happened was, the line got so exciting, between these books that are coming out — “Batgirl,” “Gotham Academy,” “Gotham By Midnight,” then you see “Catwoman’s” status; the books coming, “Midnighter” — the feeling at DC right now, it’s so progressive.

I have become so excited to be a part of it, and you know I’m not a “drink the Kool-Aid,” party line guy, at all. I’ve never been, and I’ve been critical of DC when I’ve felt like we can change things. But there’s a spirit right now, not just in the Bat-books, but at the company, of trying the boldest stuff. “You know what? We’ll stay a little bit and see how this goes.” I pitched Greg this thing: “If we do ‘Endgame’ the way we’re going to do it, it’s going to change everything.” A transformative story that ends and burns down everything, and starts something brand new. We toyed with calling it “All-New Batman” afterwards because it’s so different.

Greg was just like, “I’m up for it! Let’s do it! Let’s surprise them! Give them what they don’t know they want!” I was like, “Alright, let’s do it.” What we’re doing in June — I hope fans like it. I love it. My favorite stuff is the stuff where we take the biggest risks on the book. I honestly think this might be our best thing, in concept, so far.

I promise. Just wait until you see. It’s everything different.

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