Jai Courtney talks ‘Suicide Squad’, Boomerang, David Ayer, and more (video)

MTV caught up with Jai Courtney and he talked about his Suicide Squad character Boomerang, director David Ayer, and lots more. Check that interview out in the video above.

Access Hollywood also caught up with Courtney to talk about his role as Boomerang in Suicide Squad. Courtney said that he hasn’t met any of his co-stars yet, but that he’ll be doing that this week.

“Everyone’s been in training, but we’re yet to kind of all converge and get down, but that’s happening this week,” he told Access Hollywood. “I can’t wait. It’s really cool. It’s going to be [as] big as you can imagine and, you know, it’s a really interesting world.”

Courtney also touched on working with a physically demanding director like David Ayer:

“It does attract a certain amount of talent and dedication and [David] really demands that,” he said. “I mean, I’d heard a lot about what he put the guys through on ‘Fury’ in order to prepare for that film and it fascinated me. I mean, you don’t always get that. That’s such a privilege as an actor when you are presented with a challenge and expected to really bring it and match and kind of come along. I think the group he’s assembled, there’s probably going to be a really healthy amount of competition between us. You know, not just to do it like the macho elements of like getting in shape and stuff….And you bring out the best in one another when you demand that of each other.”

SOURCE: Access Hollywood