DC Collectibles The New Batman Adventures’ Two-Face review

We talked about Mr. Freeze last week, and that went well, so let’s take a gander at another of DC Collectibles’ Timmverse toys, the 6-inch Two-Face.


Big thanks to DC Collectibles for supplying Batman News with a figure for review!

This figure is from the first wave (Batman, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, and Two-Face) released last fall and it’s a perfectly sculpted tribute to the character design first seen in The New Batman Adventures (not to be confused with The New Adventures of Batman). However, there is one episode in particular that inspired this figure and its accessories. “Sins of the Father” marked the debut of Timm Drake and it’s also one of the only two episodes of the series to  feature Batman, Robin, Batgirl, and Nightwing (Dick was out of costume, though) together.


 While every character got a new look in TNBA (this is what I’ll abbreviate “The New Batman Adventures” as from here on out), Harvey’s was the least drastic. In fact, all the animators did to update Two-Face to the new series’ sleeker, minimalist look was strip his iconic face of some detail and trim his legs down to match everyone else’s narrow frame. So, really, I wish that DC Collectibles had used the Batman: The Animated Series design instead, but I don’t doubt we’ll get a toy of that incarnation somewhere down the line eventually.

Ignore the key. That accessory was scrapped.

Two-Face isn’t as maneuverable as the other figures, featuring only 17 points of articulation compared to Mr. Freeze’s 26. What’s most notably missing? Wrists and ankles.

While the sculpt is a fantastic translation from 2D to 3D, one can’t help but notice TNBA Harvey’s laughably small feet, especially when compared to other figures in the first wave. Seriously, if Catwoman looks like Sasquatch compared to Two-Face. It almost makes you wonder if the whole reason he holds a shiny object in his hands all the time is just so he can distract us from his itty-bitty feet!

Speaking of that shiny coin, it’s sculpted into one of Harvey’s removable hands.

Two-Coin1 Two-Coin2

By sculpting the coin into the hand, the toy-makers have guaranteed you’ll never lose Two-Face’s trademark accessory. It’ll also make for an easier approach at an iconic pose of Two-Face holding the coin out in judgment, but if you don’t like it you can always swap the hand out for another! However, I got to thinking and since it’s molded good-side up technically have a toy of Harvey Dent, a mutilated lawyer incapable of ever committing evil again. So what I’m saying is, if you ever find yourself shrunken down to a height of six inches or less and in a Toy Story-esque situation– you can trust this guy.


For a design that demands perfect contrast, the paint job had to be on point and I’m happy to say that the artists behind this figure do not disappoint. The lines of his soft plastic black and white suit are nice and crisp, and the greenish-blue on the scarred half of his face doesn’t bleed onto the teeth or run across Harvey’s nose or lips at all. However, the paint is a bit thin and could have benefited from a light gloss. After only two minutes or so out of the box for a quick inspection, Dent’s arm was grazed by my thumbnail and now has a permanent scratch along his sleeve. And my thumbnails are kept pretty short, just so you know.



Two-Face has the most accessories of any figure in the first wave. He comes with the stand featuring the show’s logo and multiple perspectives of the original character design, but surprisingly those tiny feet will support him if you just want to stand him upright on his own. There’s also a handgun, Tommy gun, three sets of hands (scarred and un-scarred fist, relaxed, and gripping gestures), and items that are specifically taken from the episode “Sins of the Father.” This means that those hoping for spooky Judge attire and that giant gavel seen in “Judgment Day” are out of luck, but still get to make use of a stopwatch, red and blue containers, a gas mask, and a functional bag that snaps shut. I was most impressed by the mask since it fits onto Harvey’s face so perfectly.


Although I wish it were the Batman: The Animated Series design, this is about as perfect of a New Adventures Two-Face as you could ask for. The sculpt is great, the paint looks nice, he’s affordable at under $25, and comes with more accessories than any other collectible in the first wave.