Jai Courtney talks about wrestling with Will Smith to prepare for ‘Suicide Squad’ (video)

While promoting his new movie Insurgent, Jai Courtney spoke to The Huffington Post about preparing for his role as Boomerang in Suicide Squad. Courtney said that he and the other actors have all been working out individually since around Christmas time. In addition to lifting weights, they’ve been doing various forms of martial arts as well.

Now that Suicide Squad filming is just a few weeks away, Courtney said that the cast has been working out together. “Will [Smith] and I were on the mats the other day, and he tapped me about six times with a headlock”, he said. “He’s clearly stronger than I am”.

Courtney also confirmed that Jay Hernandez will be in the movie. He’s rumored to be playing an inmate on the same cell block as The Joker.