DC Collectibles Batman: The Animated Series’ Catwoman review

Here we are with the fourth and final figure of the first wave of Timmverse figures. If you’d like to see an up-close look at Batman, Two-Face, and Mr. Freeze, just click their names to continue your adventure in the exciting world of toy critique. But before you’re swept away by those tempting hyperlinks, let’s talk about Catwoman!


Big thanks to DC Collectibles for supplying Batman News with a figure for review!

Catwoman is the one and only figure from the first wave that’s designed after their appearance in Batman: The Animated Series rather than the sleeker, minimalist style of The New Batman Adventures. Just like the other three characters, Catwoman’s toy and all her accessories are drawn from a specific episode, which  in this case is the two-parter “The Cat and The Claw” that aired in September of (get ready to feel old) 1992. Yep, that episode is old enough to drink.


Wow, each of those BTAS title cards would make an amazing poster! Anyway, back to Catwoman herself, I always preferred the Animated Series grey and black catsuit with its jewelry-like belt because it perfectly toed the line between elegance and playfulness. I prefer most of the BTAS designs over what came later, but I definitely liked The New Batman Adventures‘ take on Selina Kyle better because BTAS’ Selina had the hair of Aileen Wuornos. Ick.



The DC Collectibles Catwoman figure has 25 unique points of articulation so you can achieve a wide variety of poses, especially with the included stand that’ll always keep her upright no matter how off-balance you want to presenter her. She’s also one of the only Catwoman figures you can buy that isn’t already molded mid-step and ready to sling a whip, which is nice. However, the neutrality of the figure goes a little too far in the face-department. All the male figures wear a grimace, which works fine for them, but for Catwoman they just gave her a very placid expression that doesn’t capture Catwoman’s energy well at all. Really, I’m only impressed with this Catwoman sculpt from the shoulders down. Something about her facial features just seem a bit off-putting and aren’t the perfect translation from 2D to 3D that Batman, Two-Face, or Mr. Freeze are. I think it’s because her eyes are too far apart, but not in a sexy, Natalie Dormer sort of way. Also, the neck is too long.



But besides the face, which you’ll only really notice upon close inspection, the figure looks great. Every other detail is spot-on and the paint job is excellent. Clean, sharp lines never splatter or look fuzzy except for along the golden belt, but that’s forgivable given how small the belt’s chain-like design is and that you’re getting this level of craftsmanship at just $25 bucks.




One major complaint I’ve heard about the Catwoman figure is its fragility and I can vouch for that. I was definitely stressing out while trying to remove Catwoman from her plastic case because it felt like the slightest bit of pressure at the elbow would mean disaster. Just go read the reviews at Amazon and you’ll find a plethora of upset collectors claiming that Selina’s slender arms snapped in half within seconds of taking her out of the box. She’s dainty and you’re going to have to be extra gentle when recreating an iconic pose and situating her within the included stand.


Catwoman comes with quite a few accessories. Two extra pairs of hands give you even more posing options and the bonus stand makes it easy to maintain those poses. Unfortunately, since Catwoman’s so small, her feminine frame makes the stand look incredibly bulky by comparison.

All weapons and devices featured in the two-part “The Cat and the Claw” like her whip, camera, and necklace are included and they look great (ehh… the camera-thing is kind of underwhelming). The whip is made from a rubbery material to feel a little bit more authentic and the paint job on all of the itty-bitty necklace is most impressive. The pièce de résistance of Catwoman’s accessory collection is hands-down Isis, her #1 kitty cat. This helpful feline features six points of articulation itself and the paint on the eyes looks wonderful.


I love the accessories and the body sculpt/paint job, but on the negative side the face looks slightly off and the arms are so fragile that they might break if you so much as look at them too hard.