DC releases interactive guide for Convergence

In advance of their upcoming two-month long event, DC Comics has released an official guide to the different worlds and tie-ins for Convergence.

As of now, the guide consists of a map with descriptions of each of the world cells on the main Convergence promo image, a listing of the books being released during the event, and links to related reading.

It’s a handy feature, particularly to verify the different worlds and versions of characters that are represented, but there are a few omissions that are interesting.  Notably, the Batman cell right above Brainiac’s (?) head doesn’t have any information, nor does the partial face to the left or the cell with Shazam to the right.  The cells with just plain citizens in them aren’t represented either, but that’s less surprising.  DC promises that new information will be added over time, though, so maybe that’s something they’re saving for later.

Along with the exclusive character pages for Shadow of the Bat, it certainly looks as if DC wants to treat this as an event that even new readers can experience without having to catch up on 75 years of history, which is a nice change of pace.

We here at Batman News will be covering the series along with any tie-ins that relate to the Bat-family, so be sure to check back here over the next two months to stay abreast of the event.