Earth 2: World’s End #25 review

Last week we were treated to a hair-raising conclusion for an issue that had a ton of steam as we race headlong towards the end of World’s End.  Daniel Wilson’s story picks up right where we left off last time, with the last members of the human race leaving their home planet behind to seek refuge in that hidden interdimesional space station out by the sun.  The only problem being the world-eater planet Apokolips bearing down on Earth 2 and our Wonders.  This issue features the breakneck speed that I associate with the first half of this series, but with the coherent story of recent issues.  The consistent artwork from the now-rotating art team that’s been in charge of World’s End produces another high-quality issue this time around.  While that cover is not a pretty sight in the slightest, the inside art by Ortego et al. does more than enough to bring it over the top.  The action sequences as the Wonders fight Darkseid takes the cake as some of the more visually stunning work that’s been done in this series.

Atom’s Haven: All hell has broken loose at Atom’s Haven as Kalibak’s forces invade Earth 2’s final refuge and try to take down the last fleeing humans.  This leads to an all-out battle between the remaining soldiers of Apokolips and the Wonders.  There’s a splash page that features most of the Wonders fighting the proto-Furies, which are still apparently a thing, and one combatant in particular that confused me.  That would be the girl very prominently displayed seemingly made out of fire with four arms.  Now, I stared at her a long time before I realized that it was one of the Arkham convicts who had been released by Constantine.  It was just a strange choice to make her front and center for the big battle page.

Above Atom’s Haven:  Huntress and (Red) Green Arrow have the Codex, that machine that holds the DNA of all of Earth 2’s species, in their ship as they flee for the Endurance.  Their escort fighter ship is being piloted by Batman and Dick Grayson.  Now, I get that it’s a cool scene and all, with Thomas and Dick working together in a way to dredge up the old Dark Knight/Nightwing relationship, but there has been nothing to suggest that these two would work together.  Dick picked up one of Thomas’ batarangs, but neither had any direct contact with the other.  Also, Dick is a journalist by trade.  Where did he learn to pilot/man the guns of any sort of advanced fighter.  Same goes for Thomas.  He’s a doctor by trade.  Sure, we saw him inexplicably pilot that jet fighter a few issues back, but where did he get the credentials to fly a starship in a combat scenario?  It felt very forced to throw these two together.

TSS Endurance:  As the refugee ships approach, Sloan and Mr. Terrific hurry to complete the finishing touches on their secret weapon to hold all the fleeing humans.  It would seem that Fury and Mr. Miracle now exist solely to fill the “humans are awesome” role that is normally reserved for whatever alien species works alongside human heroes.  Green Lantern’s appearance speeds up the process, and the trio are able to activate the Lensing Device, which uses the laws of the multiverse along with the science of Apokolips to pull every version of the Endurance to Earth 2 space.  His exposure to the various worlds of the multiverse supercharges Green Lantern, who speeds off to defend Earth 2 once again.

Apokolips:  I brought up last time that the best thing this series has done is show us a truly powerful Darkseid.  He’s highlighted as a supreme being, such to the point that even the best that Earth 2 has to throw at him is little more than an inconvenience.  It’s been the run that Darkseid has deserved in the New 52, and we see more of that here as the leader of Apokolips takes on the Wonders.  This mostly boils down to Darkseid vs. The Kryptonians, with Kara taking it to ole stone-face.  She even manages to blind Darkseid in one eye, limiting his Omega Beams.  Unfortunately, the Kryptonians are not enough to bring down the overlord alone, which is where the other Wonders come in.  Doctor Fate, Flash, and Kendra all arrive as back-up and unleash their powers on Darkseid.  Whether or not it proves successful will likely free Earth 2 or seal it’s destruction.


  • Yeah, Darkseid wins.  By the time Green Lantern shows up to join the fight, Darkseid has beaten the other Wonders and is looking pretty triumphant in his bid to take over Earth 2.

Favorite Quote:  “Such is the annihalation that is Darkseid!” – Darkseid

Recommended If…

  • You’re in it til the end.
  • You’re a fan of Darkseid or Powergirl
  • You like super-powered beat-downs.

Overall:  I’ve enjoyed the increase in quality these last few weeks.  Dare I say it’s almost been an entire month of good World’s End issues.  Seeing Darkseid take his place as a true villain and watching the Wonders battle back should have been introduced way earlier in the series.  But with Convergence and Earth 2: Society only a few months away, there is only so much that can be salvaged from the overall train wreck that was the beginning of this series.

SCORE: 8/10