Best of March 2015 Batman Comics

Here are the best moments of March 2015 Batman comics chosen by the Batman News review team and then narrowed down by me. We also have links to all the most positive reviews from March for you to check out.

Warning! Spoilers will abound.


Earth 2 vs Darkseid

Earth 2 vs DarkseidEarth 2: World’s End #25

“I loved seeing all of these team members come together to battle Darkseid! It’s been the first time in a while that I’ve felt absolute desperation from the Earth 2 heroes, and they were definitely laying it all on the line in Earth 2: World’s End #25.” — Josh McDonald


Agent Zero Trumps Minos

Agent Zero double crosses Mister Minos’ double cross on Spyral – Grayson #8

“I thought Minos turning on Spyral was a crazy, unexpected twist, and then, everything got even twisty-er when the book revealed that Minos was actually spilling his secrets to Agent Zero (Kathy Kane… unless something is changing), before she revealed herself and killed him… Holy mother! Give me the next issue!!!!” — Josh McDonald



The Emoji — Batgirl: Endgame #1

“In a book with almost no dialogue, the best thing I found in all the dialogue balloons for March was the simple but effective poop emoji.” — Elena Carrillo




Lord Death Man, Batman ’66 #21

“He’s had a few appearances recently, but this one is far and away the best.” — Jay Yaws



Spectre and IkkondridGotham by Midnight #5

“Spectre and Ikkondrid face off over the cityscape of Gotham. Love the angle, the two-armed punch, the searing eyes, the clenched teeth. Also, Ikkondrid’s crumbling ash of an open scream shows the scales of power definitely tipping in the Spectre’s favor.” — Elena Carrillo


Jim and Juan 1 Jim and Juan 2

Jim & JuanGrayson #8

“I laughed my ass off (no pun intended) when Dick’s students named each of his butt cheeks, then proceeded to feel the need to save each one when Dick raced off to confront Minos. I’m sure conversations of Jim and Juan will come back up again in the future.” — Josh McDonald



Cherry Blossoms — Batman ’66 #21
“The art in general this issue was superb, but this particular image struck me more than any other.  The setting is perfectly realized, with the unmistakable sight of falling cherry blossoms evoking the image of a Japanese garden. It’s haunting, a bit unsettling with the stylized faces in the trees, and absolutely gorgeous with its use of color and shadow.  Sandy Jarrell drew some of the most spot-on likenesses I’ve seen in this book, especially Yvonne Craig who seems to give several artists trouble, and Jordie Bellaire’s coloring complemented it to give us a full issue’s worth of illustrations that could all easily be best of the month.” — Jay Yaws



Harley & IvyHarley Quinn #15

“While I’m not a fan of the two of them as a couple, there’s no denying their chemistry in a scene in which they get drunk and wrestle on the floor.” — Elena Carrillo


Batman Robin 40

Batman and Robin #40

“This issue was fantastic. Visually, it looked amazing and it was a very fitting end to the title as a whole. I personally enjoyed issue #38 a tad bit more and would’ve been fine if that had been the finale, but I was delighted to get an extra treat and see Damian tag along with the Justice League. My only complaint about this title doesn’t even really have to do with this issue at all. It was the loose end of  Carrie Kelly’s involvement. That was something that I really wanted to see be fleshed out, but other than that, I was completely satisfied with Tomasi and Gleason’s work.” — Terry Miles, Jr.

Gotham Academy 6Gotham Academy #6

Gotham Academy is currently the shining light at DC Comics, and a book that every Batman fan should be reading! I experience absolute joy each month when I pick up this title!” — Josh McDonald

Batman 66 21

Batman ’66 #21

“Great storytelling, plain and simple, there’s nothing about this issue I didn’t like.  Pick it up, read it, enjoy it, repeat.  Few comics tell their stories so succinctly, so perfectly, and with such high craftsmanship that the opportunity to experience it needs to be seized when it arises.  I loved it on my first read, and I loved it even more on my second.” — Jay Yaws


What were your favorite moments from March and what was the best Bat-book you read? Let us know in the comments below!