Report: Scott Eastwood to play Wonder Woman’s love interest in ‘Suicide Squad’

Over the weekend, Scott Eastwood (son of Clint Eastwood) revealed that he had been cast in Suicide Squad while speaking to eTalk about his new movie The Longest Ride. So who is he playing?

According to Latino Review, Eastwood will play Steve Trevor and have a small cameo in Suicide Squad. Fans of DC Comics know Trevor as Wonder Woman’s love interest. Eastwood had a supporting role in Suicide Squad director David Ayer’s last movie, Fury.

Professional boxer Raymond Olubowale has also joined the cast of Suicide Squad. Latino Review says he’ll be working extra hard — he’s doing motion capture for the character of King Shark and playing a minor part as part of Amanda Waller’s security.

Suicide Squad is just weeks away from production. Filming is expected to take place in mid-April and run through the end of August.

SOURCE: eTalk, Latino Review