Worst of March 2015 Batman Comics

Here are the worst moments of March 2015 Batman comics chosen by the Batman News review team and narrowed down by me. You’ll also find links to the worst reviewed books of the month, and we all know watching hardcore fans rage is always an entertaining read.

WARNING: Spoilers will abound



*The image isn’t actually missing, folks. There was no fight scene.

Robo-Bane vs BatmanBatman Eternal #50

“I wanted to see this more than anything, but what we got was the aftermath.  How do you follow up a cliffhanger where Batman is flying a jet straight at Bane and not show the actual collision?  In fact, most of the fights in this issue were pretty weak (and don’t get me started on the Robo-Bane nonsense), no doubt rushed so they could get to the finale as quickly as possible.” — Jay Yaws


Batman’s IOUBatman Eternal #48
“I was racking my brain for a while after reading this scene. I knew I had seen it somewhere before. I knew it was from something superhero-related too, but I couldn’t place which comic it was. Then I realized it wasn’t a comic I saw it in, but a cartoon. Batman may have borrowed a jet from the military, but the writers of Batman Eternal stole a joke from Ultimate Spider-Man.” — Andrew Asberry


Cluemaster Destroys Gotham

Cluemaster’s Plot — Batman Eternal #51

“I mean, ok, I get what they’re trying to do here by having the legend of Batman be broken down to just a man, but after a year of so many red herrings it felt anticlimactic.  Not to mention Batman really wasn’t in Eternal all that much so we never really got to see how things affected him beyond the surface.” — Jay Yaws

“I know they finally revealed the big bad as Lincoln March (which we all knew would happen), but even if you put all of the pieces together, it doesn’t make sense that Cluemaster was the guy waiting for Bruce at the top of the tower. It just doesn’t add up. Especially considering Cluemaster thinks he’s been pulling the strings of this entire thing…” — Josh McDonald



Batman/Superman #20

“Batman is simultaneously giving her a knee to the face while brandishing a kryptonite wand that looks like a prop from Rudolph’s Shiny New Year (the porn version). Meanwhile, Superman’s hair has static electricity, there’s a bunch of other people crowded into the bottom left-hand corner, and then a swath of open space full of billowy cumulus clouds. Also, Batman is somehow in deep shadow even though the grandma beneath him (closer to the ground and farther from the light source) is well-lighted. I dunno. Everything about this feels awkward.” – Elena Carrillo


Domestic Troubles

“Domestic Troubles” — Batwoman #40

“If Batwoman weren’t already cringe-worthy as it is… forcing readers to view the “break-up” of Kate and Nocturna was excruciating. Talk about bad writing! I rolled my eyes quite a bit, and wanted to throw my shoe at Andreyko for coming up with such complete and utter crap.” — Josh McDonald


Harley Quinn Crushed

Harley Quinn’s “I’m going to get squashed” FaceNew Suicide Squad #8

“Do I really need to explain this? Just look at it!” — Josh McDonald


Batgirl Joker

Rafael Albuquerque’s Batgirl #41 Variant Cover

“DC proudly releases the variant cover for Batgirl #41, and a minute later cancels it.  Love it or hate it, the real dilemma here was why DC didn’t make a decision on their own before revealing it to the public.  Ideally, we should never have been aware that this cover even existed, but now it has caused some turmoil between the fans and the creative team.  The real life drama and events surrounding this cover are almost more captivating than the comic itself.” — Brandon Mulholand


Batman #41

DC’s Tease of the All-New Batman

“…What?” — Brandon Mulholand


Red Hood 40

Red Hood and The Outlaws #40

“As someone who had read this from the first issue and hoped that each month would finally bring a satisfying dynamic to these characters, I was extremely let down by this finale.  Rushed, poorly thought out, and misguided are just a few ways to describe how emotionless and bland this split felt.  For a book that tried so hard to be something that it very obviously was not, it doesn’t surprise me that it could not even disappear properly.” — Sean Buckley

Detective Comics Endgame 1

Detective Comics: Endgame #1

“I felt like this Endgame tie-in was completely irrelevant and was just an attempt for DC to cash in on the name of their number one selling story line of the moment.” — Brandon Mulholand

Suicide Squad 8

New Suicide Squad #8

New Suicide Squad continues to drop in quality. What started off as a promising book, quickly went south in the art department, and the writing and storytelling have since followed suite. I can easily say that I find nothing redeeming in this book, and if I weren’t reviewing this title, then I definitely would not be picking it up. I cringe at the fact that I pay to read it each month. And if I didn’t read comics digitally, then I would take great pleasure in throwing this book in the trash after writing my review each month because that’s what it is… garbage.” — Josh McDonald


What were your least favorite moments of the month? What was the worst comic you read? Tell us in the comments below!