Batwoman Annual #2 review

Batwoman Annual #2 “Medieval Times”
Written by Marc Andreyko
Art Duties: Just look at the first picture below… there are WAY too many on one book…

Oh my God… It gets worse… I was thought we were going back to space, and instead, I got something worse… Holy mother, I was not expecting this:


Seriously, Andreyko? Seriously? DC? Did we all just stop giving a crap about this book because it became a lost cause? I mean, I have to say that I would agree with you, but Kate deserves a better send-off then this! Oi… Clearly this review is going to be one large rant, so buckle up.

There are so many things that I find wrong with this issue, but if I discussed everything, then you’d spend half of your day reading my review. I doubt that’s what anyone wants so I’ll keep this as brief as possible.

During the last issue, we left off with the team preparing to chase Morgaine into space. This issue picks up after the very first issue of this arc, which has the team crash landing back into earth… but Gotham isn’t quite right… It’s Medieval Gotham. Yep, you read that correctly… Medieval Gotham … as in castles, knights, trebuchets, and serfs… We’re straight up going King Henry VIII here. And the most frustrating thing… It never explains why Gotham is like this! It wasn’t time travel because current citizens are there, so I’m going to assume its a glamour…but Morgaine is apparently the queen of the land, so I’m not sure if a glamour makes sense either… I don’t know… Ask Andreyko.

After crash landing on medieval earth, Alice and Ragman are unconscious, so it’s up to Batwoman and Clayface to figure things out. The instant they realize they’re at Medeival Times for an entertaining family dinner, they’re attacked by multiple man bats before they can even complete their “WTF?” Reaction to their environment. The two make quick work of Morgaine’s man bats, with Clayface killing them via skewers. Naturally Batwoman isn’t thrilled about the killing, and I was just confused. Roughly two issues ago, Clayface (who doesn’t have his memories) found out he was a killer, and had a minor episode in response… But now his first reaction is to kill, and it’s an easy decision for him. Is this a commentary on instinct, or just bad writing?

Ragman comes to, and then the next thing we see, is the team hiding in a random house without explaining how they got there, or who it belongs to. Also, I’d like to point out that the team got to said location without being spotted by any other villagers, despite the fact that they’re all in uniform… Whatever.

Knowing they need to stop Morgaine, Batwoman and Clayface decide to disguise themselves to blend in with the villagers (sorry Andreyko, you’re a little late with this). They’re hoping to track down Jason Blood, in hopes of calling Etrigan forth. Morgaine remains a step ahead of them, and summons some generals to her cause, including Nocturna. Yes… Nocturna. Apparently we’re not done with her. She sends her team of acolytes to stop Batwoman and…. Wait a second… Did Batwoman’s costume magically appear? Let’s take a closer look:

Oh look! Kate's dressed like the village people.
Oh look! Kate’s dressed like the village people.


And... now she's in her Batwoman costume... in village garb...
And… now she’s in her Batwoman costume… in village garb…


... And now she's Medieval Armor Batwoman...
… And now she’s Medieval Armor Batwoman…

Ok, in all fairness, Medieval Armor Batwoman is eventually explained, but I’m not going to give away those details for those of you that actually want to read this. The rest of the book consists of the two teams coming together, and Morgaine vowing to kill Batwoman. I would like to say there’s some excitement towards the end, and that the action is entertaining, but if I did, I’d be fibbing… and unlike the creative team behind this book. I’d prefer to not rob you of your money. There is one small plot twist that was good considering it happened in this book, but it was also something that I saw telegraphed from a mile away. There’s also not much in wrapping up the characters’ personal lives in this issue. There are two poor attempts concerning Kate – one will most likely make fans happy overall – but for the most part, these characters are left wide open.

Be warned, there are spoilers below.


The Good: Not much.

Actually, Clayface had two funny lines. One was about where food goes when he eats (He answered, “In my mouth.”), and the other is slightly perverted as he claims that if he wanted to take a peek at hot girl parts, he’d just create them… Congrats, Andreyko, for making him that guy!

And when these two moments are the highlight of a book, that should tell you something…


The Bad: Medieval (effing) Gotham! Queen Morgaine. The plot. Most of the art. The characterization. Ah hell, the book is bad!


The Art: There are four different artists covering pencils, five different artists covering inks, and one guy taking on colors… Visually, this book is all over the place. There are a number of pages and panels that look good, but Jeanty covers a large of the book, and his art is the weakest of all the artists. Seeing what some of the other artists delivered, it makes me wish we could’ve had them pulling art duties during the entire arc!




Recommended if:

  • You’ve been with Batwoman since the beginning
  • You’re a fan of Andreyko
  • You want to revel in the fact that this book is ending.

 Overall: This title took a massive nose dive in quality, and this issue was the nail in the coffin. I’m glad the book has been canceled, because had this creative team continued with this title, they could’ve permanently ruined Batwoman’s perception with readers. I’m considering this a good, good-bye!


SCORE: 2/10