Teen Titans Go! #17 Digital Issue review

Teen Titans Go! #17– “Stare Master”
Written by Sholly Fisch
Pencils by Jorge Corona
Inks by Jorge Corona
Colored by Jeremy Lawson
Cover by Dan Hipp

Note: As this book releases a digital installment monthly, I’m going to be reviewing each individually from here on out.  The next half of the print issue releases digitally in two weeks, so I’ll cover that then.

Champions will rise, chosen to defend their very lives in combat.

Some will triumph, while others… will fall.

The fate of our very world rests in the hands of these champions, engaging in one of the basest, most trying competitions devised by man.

I am referring, of course…

To a staring contest.

More than any issue before this, I think this is an example of a story that would have worked better as an animated episode more than as a comic issue.  It’s funny and cute, like most every other issue of this series, but the real humor in a staring contest is found in the long pauses, dramatic music, and strained expressions on the cast members’ faces, none of which can really be translated well on the printed page.

Jorge Corona, who always brings his own style and puts his own spin on the standard character models and style of the show, does the best he can with the material here.  As much as it can be, the staring contest (which of course the Titans would engage in a staring contest) is illustrated well with the usual sight gags that make this series so fun.  The images are bright and colorful, each Titan has their own distinct personality, and the action flows smoothly and logically.

Sholly Fisch, who has made a nice career of writing fun, accessible series for all-ages, brings his usual flair this month as well.  The escalating problems of the Titans trying to one-up each other provide some good laughs, especially Robin taking himself too seriously as usual and detailing his history of staring villains down, and it takes a particular turn for the weird when he and Raven face off.

It goes about as well as you’d expect.  If you expect an apocalyptic end, that is.

If nothing else, this book is incredibly consistent, and this month isn’t any different.  It’s funny, silly, and reads like storyboards for the TV show.  That’s also what keeps it from being truly memorable or outstanding.  Even so, it’s far from bad, and if you’re in the mood for a good all-ages read, you can do a lot worse.

Recommended if:

  • You want a fun comic to read with your kids, or just a breezy read to give you some laughs.
  • You like the Teen Titans Go! TV series.

Overall: Funny and breezy, as usual, the conceit of a staring contest between the Titans doesn’t work quite as well on paper as it probably would in motion.  Regardless, it’s an inoffensive read and good for the few minutes it would take to get through.

SCORE: 6.5/10