Full recap from the ‘Batman v Superman’ IMAX trailer event

I just got back from the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice IMAX trailer event and all I can say is wow!

Before they ran the footage, a theater representative read a message from director Zack Snyder. He wanted to thank everyone for coming and for not watching the leaked trailer that made its way online last week.

Then the video started with Zack Snyder standing in front of the Batmobile thanking everyone for coming. We transition to the trailer, and it was the same as the official one that was released online, until the last 5 seconds!

At the very end, once the Batman/Superman logo comes up we get a close up shot of Superman. He’s in a three-point football stance and he looks pissed! It cuts over to Batman quickly and then the two begin to charge at each other. Of course right before they make contact, it fades to black.

Zack Snyder came back on the screen and talked about the IMAX footage. He pointed out that the last shots of the trailer with Batman and Superman were filmed natively in IMAX. As was the bonus footage we saw tonight with Batman and Superman charging at each other. Snyder explained that the bonus footage would be exclusive to this event, and that it wouldn’t be released online or included with the trailer when it runs in front of movies. He then showed the trailer for a second time.

After the event we got to put our email addresses down on Batman v Superman cards. Everyone who attended the IMAX event tonight will receive a free ticket to see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice one week early next year. We also got to pick a Batman or Superman teaser poster on our way out. Obviously, I walked home with Batman.

So that was it! Just about 5 seconds of extra footage but it was worth it to see it on the giant IMAX screen. Did you attend one of the screenings tonight? Let me know about your experience in the comments below!