Free Comic Book Day is tomorrow, May 2nd

Just as a friendly reminder: the annual Free Comic Book Day is upon us this Saturday, May 2nd.

Beginning in 2002, the first Saturday of May has been recognized as a day where different publishers release free materials to find new readers, provide a sampling of their product, and most importantly to encourage visiting a local comic book shop.

This year, dozens of books are being offered from several publishers, including DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Bongo, and IDW.  There’s a little something for everyone, such as a Teen Titans Go!/Scooby-Doo Team-Up book for readers of all ages and samplings from other publishers’ franchises (heck yes The Phantom!)

Most pertinent to our interests here, of course, is DC’s Divergence, which offers an early look at three upcoming story arcs: new Superman writer Gene Luen Yang’s inaugural story, the impending Justice League event “The Darkseid War,” and an early look at Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Batman #41.  Following the divisive but epic conclusion to “Endgame,” we’ll learn where Gotham stands after Bruce’s battle with the Joker and who is in that new, mechanized Batman suit.

As a disclaimer: the news has broken regarding the identity of the new Batman, but we’ll keep it under wraps here at Batman News for those who want to go into this story fresh or be surprised when they pick up Divergence tomorrow.

It’s a great day for comic fans of all ages, so grab a few friends, throw on your favorite Batman shirt, and head to a location near you to celebrate and keep the brick and mortar business alive.

For a list of all available comics, some select free previews, and participating locations near you, head here.