Convergence Superman #1 & 2 review

Convergence Superman #1 & 2 “Superman Again”
Written by Dan Jurgens
Art by Lee Weeks
Colors by Brad Anderson
It’s, and we’re covering Supes! Before we get into DC’s resident boy scout, I want to apologize for getting this review to you so late.

DC continues their tie-ins to Convergence with Superman. Clark, Lois, and Jimmy were sent to Gotham by the Daily Planet to cover an event, and during that time, the dome was unfortunately dropped on them. Per standard, once the dome was in place, all of the heroes lost their powers, and Superman wasn’t an exception despite the fact that he’s alien. Unable to change his core beliefs though, Superman continued to fight the good fight in Gotham as a masked vigilante.

Working in a fashion similar to Batman and Oracle, Clark would team up with Lois, letting her be his eyes and ears while he hit the streets. Even though this is only covers a very short portion of this tie-in, I think it’s fantastic. Superman is used to being just that, Superman. He’s not used to being Clark Kent. He’s not used to being an average, mortal man… And Lois reminds him of that every chance she gets. She even goes as far to remind him that he’s not even Batman. It’s harsh, but true and humbling, and it’s exactly what Clark needs to hear to stay alive. Thankfully, the moment that Clark is faced with these realities, the dome is lifted and Superman becomes all super again.

The book quickly shifts from dark and grim to a more positive tone that is commonly associated with Superman. In a lot of ways, it’s a celebration for these two. Clark has his powers again, the dome has been lifted, and he and Lois can go back to Metropolis for Lois to have her baby. Yep, that’s right. Lois is preggers. In their year under the dome, they both were blessed with the opportunity to be normal – a strange proclamation considering the current events. But it’s true. While losing his powers was a negative for Superman, it was a positive for Clark… and he deserved it.

This is what makes this tie-in so great. There’s so much heart! The relationships and characterizations are so strong here, that it outshines every other attribute of this book. And what’s even more interesting, is that the whole Convergence plot takes a back seat in this story! I fully expected this story to change focuses going into the second issue, and put all of its attention towards the battle… but it didn’t. The plot ultimately remained focused on Clark and Lois.

That’s not to say that there isn’t any action though. There’s quite a bit of it, and it’s damn good! Superman finds himself facing off against Flashpoint’s Justice League in the heat of Convergence, and it’s the best action I’ve seen from this series aside from Convergence Nightwing/ Oracle. This world’s Cyborg, Shazam, and Green Lantern come to blows with Superman, thinking that he’s an immediate threat. And once they realize that he’s Kryptonian, they only increase their assault. Thankfully, Jimmy Olsen finds a way to assist Superman, allowing him to flee the fight in search of Lois – who is being kidnapped by another member of the Justice League.

The story comes crashing to close in a desperate plea of humanity as Superman is faced with another Kryptonian, Thomas Wayne – the opposing world’s Batman – and a commentary on life, the creation of life, and the limits fathers will take for their sons. The whole story is captivating, endearing, and a must read in the Convergence series.


Be warned, there are spoilers beyond this point.

The Art: Lee delivers some great work during these two issues. He balances the grittiness of Gotham and the idea of peace and hope found in Superman incredibly well. The emotions that he’s able to convey through the characters facial expressions and body language were also outstanding. It aided the story extremely well, and I found myself getting lost in the story that the narrative and the art told so well.

Check out the spoiler tag for a sample of some of the internal art.







The Good: I’m not joking… the entire two-issue arc! Go get it!

That Bad: The only negative callout I remotely have, is that they don’t completely deal with the fallout of Convergence. There is no winner/ loser declared, and there is no outcome to which world is the “victor.” I don’t mind this – actually I prefer that it wasn’t discussed – but I’m sure it will bother some people.


Recommended if:

  • You want to read a gripping story full of heart and great character moments.
  • You’re interested in reading the best Convergence has to offer.
  • You feel like Superman deserves a little happiness in his life.
  • You’re a fan of Thomas Wayne. 

Overall: This Convergence tie-in is up there with the likes of Convergence The Question and Convergence Nightwing/ Oracle. If you’re even remotely a fan of Superman, then you should pick it up. The themes of humanity and fatherhood pushed this book beyond all of my expectations!

SCORE: 9.5 /10