New Batman DC Collectibles coming this June

To coincide with the end of Convergence and the return to the DC Universe proper, a whole slew of collectibles are being released to comic book shops this June.

With a variety of paper masks, temporary tattoos, and posters, there’s something for every fan of each corner of the DC Universe. The most notably impressive is the new G.C.P.D. Batsuit blueprint/schematic, which offers views from several angles and a breakdown of each component of this complex set of armor, including a “cape-shaped bomb shield,” which better look like this:


Also offered are a Spyral I.D. card for Dick Grayson, We Are Robin and Bat-Mite temporary tattoos, and my personal favorite, a Gotham Academy crest sticker, complete with Latin motto (historia vitae magistrata translates to “history is life’s teacher”, from Cicero’s De Oratore.)

Look for all these and more in comic stores throughout the month of June.