Jared Leto is about to start shooting ‘Suicide Squad’ again

In March, Jared Leto went through a complete physical transformation to play The Joker in Suicide Squad. He chopped off his hair, and even shaved off his eyebrows. It was then when he met up with director David Ayer in Toronto for the first time, presumably to try on his Joker costume.

Leto was in Toronto for most of April. He took a photo of the cast, and that’s when we got our first official look at the Joker as well. But Leto has been absent for most of May. He’s been back on tour with his band, and hasn’t been in any of the set photos we’ve seen. All that could change very soon.

Leto just sent out some tweets that imply he’ll be back in front of the camera as The Joker!

My guess is that Leto will have a much smaller role than the rest of the Suicide Squad cast, but here’s hoping photographers catch Leto on set so we can get another look at The Joker. Preferably with Harley Quinn!