Convergence: Shazam #1 & #2 review

Now this right here is a prime example of why I enjoyed parts of Convergence. While the main title is going on, a lot of fun (and face palms) have been had in the various tie-ins. What we get in Convergence: Shazam 1 & 2 is some good, clean fun. As with a few other books, we waited until a Gothamite was featured to cover the story in it’s entirety. We join Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family for a thrilling team up with Batman from Gotham by Gaslight!

Fawcett City has fallen on some rough times with the champion of their city missing in action. Nonetheless, Billy Batson is keeping the hope alive with his weekly broadcasts detailing a story as to why the Marvels are not around to help defend them against the current threat that they face. Little do the citizens know, the dome covering their city has rendered Captain Marvel powerless. With tensions rising high from their impending doom, an onlooker decides to take matters into his own hands by means of suicide bombing! With only seconds to spare, the Bullets (Bulletman and Bulletgirl) whiz by and clear the man out of the vicinity of the surrounding people to suffer his fate alone. With the dome moments from coming down, Billy assures the masses that there is still hope with the Bullets on their side.

After all the excitement above ground, the Marvels take the story down below as they follow Mr. Morris and Uncle Dudley underground. For the past year, the two men have been acting quite strange. The young team confirm their suspicions that something is up when they are captured by Mr. Atom! Apparently, the Monster Society of Evil has been plotting over the course of the year and are now ready to execute their devious plan. Uncle Dudley and Morris reveal themselves to actually be Dr. Sivana and Ibac, respectively. Just when things look to be hairy for our heroes, Tawny enters the fray to turn the tides. He offers some assistance, but the team is no match in their current state. But have no fear! In the nick of time, the dome drops and Billy, Freddy, and Mary all transform into their marvelous counterparts. It becomes a free-for-all brawl. Even the real Uncle Dudley and Morris join in the melee. But before the day can be saved by Captain Marvel and his team, thumder rains from above as blimps shroud the sky with bombs and smoke. The fight has begun!

Batman means business
Batman means business

Shazam decides that he’s going to take the fight to their invaders. As he flies through the city to confront his attackers, he is greeted with a not so pleasant welcome from none other than the Caped Crusader himself–the Batman! There’s a very interesting exchange when the Captain receives a jolt of electricity through his body from one of Batman’s attacks. After a brief one-sided scuffle, the two realize that they are both on the same side. The two heroes turn their attention to try and figure out who is the mastermind behind their dilemmas.

I really have to commend Jeff Parker on how he handled the storytelling in this book. In the two issues, he captured the essence of both cities and the teams that inhabited them. Shazam is a very colorful and campy (in a good way) comic book read. Gotham by Gaslight was one of my favorite Elseworld stories. Although this is a Shazam story, he gives you a great idea of how this Victorian-era Gotham feels. Evan “Doc” Shaner knocks it out of the park with his pencils. His classic look for Fawcett City is remarkable, and they even offered a few of bis sketches of the characters. In the second issue, we practically get a glimpse at Batman’s entire main Rogue Gallery. They look amazing. Hats off to the creative team all around. Jordie Bellaire’s colors are amazing. The vibrant hues of Fawcett City contrast wonderfully against the dank, dark feel of Gotham City. This was definitely a great match up of characters.

A Batman Rogue Reunion hosted by Mr. Atom
A Batman Rogue Reunion hosted by Mr. Atom

Recommended if:

  • You’re a fan of Shazam
  • You enjoyed Gotham by Gaslight
  • You want to read a fun adventure



My Convergence experience has been a roller-coaster ride. Overall, I enjoy it, but then I coke across a bump in the road and I want this stuff out of my face. That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but this title reminded me how cool this concept could be. These issues are definitely a great pick up even if you haven’t kept up with Convergence. Parker and Shaner nail what makes the concept work in ine panel.
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SCORE: 9 / 10