Scott Eastwood talks ‘Suicide Squad’ stunts and seeing Jared Leto’s Joker for the first time (video)

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E! News caught up with Scott Eastwood at the Maui Film Festival, where he was honored with the Rising Star Award, to talk about Suicide Squad. Eastwood’s role is still unknown, but he won’t be Steve Trevor and he was spotted on set in a military uniform.

Eastwood said that the role is very physical, and that director David Ayer only hires actors who are willing to do a lot of their own stunts.

“[It’s] really physical,” Eastwood said. “David is a very physical film maker. He wants everyone doing their own stuff and he doesn’t hire guys who aren’t willing to do that.”

Eastwood compared Ayer’s set to a sports field, and said that like an athlete there are always injuries to deal with.

Eastwood also explained that he was afraid to talk to Jared Leto the first time he saw him as the Joker.

“I was sort of afraid to approach him because I didn’t want to mess with his thing going on,” Eastwood told E! News exclusively yesterday at the Maui Film Festival, where he was honored with the Rising Star Award. “But I knew him before. I met him before he was The Joker. I just met him as Jared Leto. So I didn’t know if I wanted to mess up his thing.”

Check out the full video interview above for more.

SOURCE: E! Online (via Comic Book Movie)