Michael Keaton to star in and produce new comic book movie

From Batman to Birdman, 63-year old Michael Keaton is set to star in and produce a new comic book movie, “Imagine Agents”. The movie is an adaptation of the BOOM! Studios’ mini-series and FOX has secured the rights to distribute it, according to The Hollywood Reporter. THR has a description if you’re not familiar with the comic:

Created by writer Brian Joines and artist Bachan, the story tackles the idea that the imaginary friends of children are actually very real and centers on an organization titled I.M.A.G.I.N.E., which handles things when these figments get out of control.

In Men In Black fashion, the comic tells of a jaded 20-year veteran agent who must mentor a young archivist, with a routine day becoming something much larger. The first issue came out in October 2013.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter