Upcoming Comics: June 24, 2015

Hello everyone! I hope all the dads out there had a happy Father’s day! Same goes to all of you single mothers as well! And if you’re not a dad, then I hope you did something nice for your dad! I had a jam packed weekend, mainly due to my friend’s wedding! It was a great time, with fun people, and it felt good to cut loose a little (there may or may not be a video of me dancing to Love Shack… and I may or may not have been a little tipsy)! I’m a little behind in getting you guys this post – it appears I’m getting older and I don’t recover as well as I used to – however, I did pull together September Solicitations (the “beast”) over the weekend, so make sure you check that out after you comment on this week’s releases!

This week’s releases are listed in order of what I’m most excited to read, to what I’m least excited to read. For each title, I’ll include the official solicitation, the talent credits, more of my randomness, and the Batman News team member that will be covering each book. After that, you’ll find a poll for this week’s best cover! Should you have trouble picking one cover, no worries! The poll is open so you can select as many covers as you’d like. Then, as always, you’ll find graphic novels scheduled for release this week, along  with their cover as well thanks to some requests (note: graphic novel covers will not be included in the poll for best cover). And of course, I (we) want to hear from you in the comments section! What titles are you picking up? What do you hope to see? And what are your thoughts about the order of my list? So, without further ado…


June 24th


Grayson 9
Grayson #9
Everything changes as Helena takes over SPYRAL! Plus: Grayson gets a new partner!

Written by Tom King and Tim Seeley
Art and Inks by Mikel Janin
Colored by Jeremy Cox
Cover by Mikel Janin

Random Blurb of Excitement: Is this really a surprise to anyone? I didn’t think so.

Batman News Critic: Jay


We Are Robin 1
We Are Robin #1
Spinning out of the pages of BATMAN! The teenagers of Gotham City have adopted the “R” and made it their own. A new Robin? No, HUNDREDS of new Robins! Don’t miss the start of this new series from rising star writer Lee Bermejo (JOKER, SUICIDERS), who also provides the covers!

Written by Lee Bermejo
Pencils and Inks by Jorge Corona, Rob Haynes, and Khary Randolph
Colored by Emilio Lopez, Trish Mulvihill, and David Self
Cover by Lee Bermejo

Random Blurb of Excitement: Now, this might actually be a surprise! When this title was first announced, I thought it was going to be another Batgirl-esque attempt of DC trying to be “hip.” The more I learn about this title though, the more I feel like I might be completely wrong!

Batman News Critic: Brandon


Injustice 4 4
Injustice: Gods Among Us Year 4 #4
The Gods have decided that Superman must step down as ruler of the Earth and Wonder Woman finds herself at odds with her fellow Amazonians. She demands a “judgment by combat” with one champion from each side. But when the Gods select her to fight on their behalf, how can she possibly battle Superman to the death?

Art by Juan Albarran, Mike S. Miller, and Bruno Redondo
Cover by Yildiray Cinar
Written by Brian Buccellato

Random Blurb of Excitement: Year 4 is off to much better, much more entertaining run than Year 3 so far, so I can’t wait to see what this issue has in store. This is also the first time since the Green Lantern Corps were involved that I feel like Batman and team might actually have a chance thanks to the Amazonians!

Batman News Critic: Elena


Teen Titans 9
Teen Titans #9
On the run with Superboy, the Titans must uncover the truth behind the Boy of Steel’s crimes – or they all might end up serving time with their former teammate.

Written by Will Pfeifer
Pencils by Kenneth Rocafort
Inks and Colors by Dan Brown
Cover by Bengal

Random Blurb of Excitement: This has book has really turned itself around, and it’s done so rather quickly! If Pfeifer continues at this rate, this could easily become a Teen Titans book that is remembered for years to come.

Batman News Critic: Terry


Gotham by Midnight 6
Gotham by Midnight #6
The Midnight Shift is in danger from both its members and the rest of the GCPD! In a deadly new Gotham City, does the paranormal really still pose a threat? As the task force struggles to rebuild after their tragic loss, their only weapon against the supernatural and Internal Affairs both might be in the form of attorney Kate Spencer. Ray Fawkes and new series artist Juan Ferreyra are ready to take Jim Corrigan and his motley crew on the adventure of their lives – or afterlives!

Written by Ray Fawkes
Pencils, Inks, & Colors by Juan E. Ferreyra
Cover by Bill Sienkiewicz

Random Blurb of Excitement: I didn’t read Gotham by Midnight until recently, and if I’m being honest, I feel like I’ve been missing out! I really enjoyed catching up on this book, however, I HATED the art. While the tone of it was perfect, it looked like it was drawn by a four year old…

Batman News Critic: Elena



Batgirl #41
Batgirl #41
There’s a new Batman in town…and that spells bad news for Barbara Gordon! She’s already got enough upheaval in her life, with her roommate Frankie in on her biggest secret…and now she’s looking to get even more involved in Batgirl’s business!

Written by Brenden Fletcher and Cameron Stewart
Art by Babs Tarr
Colored by Serge Lapointe
Cover by Rafael Albuquerque

Random Blurb of Excitement: I’m beginning to dislike this book more and more each month. I understand what the creative team is trying to do, and I’m open to it, but I ultimately feel like they’re missing the mark. I also don’t like what they’ve done to Barbara… she seems a far cry from the character we know and love. But for some strange reason, I’m still holding out hope for this book. I’m going to give the creative team this second arc to impress me, but right now I’m 50/50. There are moments that are great, and moments that are terrible.

Batman News Critic: Elena


JL 3001 1
Justice League 3001 #1
Travel even deeper into the future than before with the all-new JUSTICE LEAGUE 3001! They’ve managed to become the World’s Greatest Heroes of the 30th century, but with legions of foes gunning for them, can they stay alive long enough to see the year 3002?

Written by J. M. DeMatteis and Keith Giffen
Pencils and Inks by Howard Porter
Colored by Hi-Fi
Cover by Hi-Fi and Howard Porter

Random Blurb of Excitement: For me, Justice League 3000, er… excuse me, Justice League 3001, is one of those books that I enjoy when I read it, but I never have a “Oh my God! I need to read this now!” type of reaction to it. That being said, I also don’t read this monthly. I wait and pick up the trade, so that could also be part of the reason. Regardless, it’s at the bottom of my list, but it’s NOT BAD! There are just other things I’m more excited to read.      

Batman News Critic: Sean


Batman 66 24
Batman ’66 #24
The guest team of writer Ray Fawkes (BATMAN ETERNAL, CONSTANTINE) and artist Jon Bogdanove (SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL) bring back Marsha, Queen of Diamonds, for another bejeweled bout with the Dynamic Duo. When she strikes at a gala ball for Gotham City’s elite, will even guests Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson fall under her spell?

Art by Jon Bogdanove
Cover by Mike Allred
Written by Ray Fawkes

Random Blurb of Excitement: Like Justice League 3001, I enjoy this book quite a bit, but it’s at the bottom of my list for similar reasons. This book in particular I usually don’t get to until the weekend, but I kind of do that on purpose. After a long, crazy week, this essentially serves as a nice, silly, and fun treat!

Batman News Critic: Jay



For those of you following the TRUTH arc, Superman #44 will also be released this week.


Graphic Novel Watch:


Batman and Robin Vol 5Batman & Robin Vol. 5: The Big Burn (Softcover) – The origin of Two-Face begins as Batman finds himself in the crossfire of a war between Two-Face and mobster Erin McKillen! Don’t miss these explosive tales from BATMAN AND TWO-FACE #24-28 and BATMAN AND ROBIN ANNUAL #2.


Batman and Robin Vol 6
Batman & Robin Vol. 6: The Hunt for Robin (Hardcover)
– The origin of Two-Face begins as Batman finds himself in the crossfire of a war between Two-Face and mobster Erin McKillen! Don’t miss these explosive tales from BATMAN AND TWO-FACE #24-28 and BATMAN AND ROBIN ANNUAL #2.


Secret Six Vol 2
Secret Six Vol. 2 (Softcover)
– Join Catman, Scandal, Deadshot and Ragdoll as they hit the road on the run from some of the world’s most dangerous killers! In this new title collecting SECRET SIX #1-14, a contract has been put out on the lives of the Six, but the team has some tricks – and a whole lot of bullets – up their own sleeves! Then, with Batman’s cowl up for grabs, two of the Secret Six decide they should be the new Dark Knight!


Cover of the Week:
Now, with all of this week’s releases listed above, it’s time for you to sound off! What’s the best cover that is being released this week? If you’re like me, and can’t decide on just one, then you can select multiple if you would like. Vote using the poll below, and we’ll announce the winner next week.


Best Cover of June 17, 2015: Justice League of America #1 by Bryan Hitch and Alex Sinclair with 48% of the votes.


  1. Robin: Son of Batman #1 by Patrick Gleason and John Kalisz (24%)
    3. Black Canary #1 by Annie Wu (9%)
    4. Harley Quinn & Powergirl #1 by Amanda Conner and Paul Mounts (7%)
    5. Secret Six #3 by Dale Eaglesham (6%)
    6. Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse #12 by Freddie E Williams II (4%)
    7. Teen Titans Go! #10 by Daniel Hipp (2%)