Upcoming Comics: July 1, 2015

Holy cow! Where did June go? I mean, seriously… I felt like a week ago I was talking about how I couldn’t wait to finish Convergence and get to the DC You relaunch… and now it’s suddenly July. Someone’s messing with time… I’m sure of it… Really… July 4th is already upon us!

On a side note, SDCC is less than two weeks away! I’m super excited, and I think there’s a chance that some really awesome news could come out of the convention considering DC has been hinting about more newness and change taking place in October. Also – believe it or not – this will be my first time at SDCC… Actually, it will be my first convention! So if you see me, say hello! I’d love to meet you guys. Andrew and Elena will be there as well, and…. AND…. We might have some Batman News shirts for you guys!

This week’s releases are listed in order of what I’m most excited to read, to what I’m least excited to read. For each title, I’ll include the official solicitation, the talent credits, more of my randomness, and the Batman News team member that will be covering each book. After that, you’ll find a poll for this week’s best cover! Should you have trouble picking one cover, no worries! The poll is open so you can select as many covers as you’d like. Then, as always, you’ll find graphic novels scheduled for release this week, along  with their cover as well thanks to some requests (note: graphic novel covers will not be included in the poll for best cover). And of course, I (we) want to hear from you in the comments section! What titles are you picking up? What do you hope to see? And what are your thoughts about the order of my list? So, without further ado…


July 1st


Batman Arkham Knight 6
Batman Arkham Knight #6
Just when Bane gets the upper hand on Batman, a surprising ally joins the fight and changes the tide of battle! But when an explosion leaves everyone under an abandoned part of Arkham City, the Dark Knight must fight his way back to the surface!

Written by Peter J. Tomasi
Pencils by Julio Ferreira and Ig Guara

Random Blurb of Excitement: I’m REALLY enjoying Arkham Knight! I’m not reading the digital issues, so I can’t wait to get my hands on this issue!

Batman News Critic: Jay



Midnighter 2
Midnighter #2
Marina Lucas woke up this morning as a suburban martial-arts instructor…but when God Garden tech unexpectedly falls into her lap, she’ll end the day as the deadliest woman on the planet! That’s bad news for her – and worse for the Midnighter!

Written by Steve Orlando
Pencils by Alec Morgan
Colored by Romulo Fajardo, Jr.
Cover by ACO and Romulo Fajardo, Jr.

Random Blurb of Excitement: I’m going to be honest… I’m on a Midnighter high right now. I’ve been reading Midnighter like crazy, and I kind of love this asshole! I started to put this as my number one, but felt it was a little premature for that… I’m also not sure how much of it is completely excitement for this book, or the character himself… either way, I can’t wait!

Batman News Critic: Josh



Justice League of America #2
The JLA learns more about the armada of religious zealots that has arrived on Earth – and their stunning ties to Krypton!

Written by Bryan Hitch
Pencils by Bryan Hitch
Inks by Andrew Currie, Daniel Henriques, Bryan Hitch and Wade von Grawbadger
Colored by Alex Sinclair
Cover by Bryan Hitch and Alex Sinclair

Random Blurb of Excitement: I thought the debut was a lot of fun, but it did have its faults. There are a number of things that I feel like I could really pick apart, but I think it’s still too early in the book’s run for that. So for now, I’m going to enjoy it, and wait and see what Hitch has in-store for us!

Batman News Critic: Josh



Batman Beyond 2
Batman Beyond #2
Thirty-five years in the future, Batman’s gotten himself caught in a P.O.W. camp where the enemy refuses to give up trying to crack the only “data source” he can access – the human mind! And this foe doesn’t care how many people he has to burn through to get there, including original Batgirl Barbara Gordon! To make his great escape, Batman will have to take down both his greatest hero and a traitor to humanity! Featuring the DC Universe debut of Batman Beyond-villain Inque!

Written by Dan Jurgens
Pencils and Inks by Bernard Chang
Colored by Marcelo Maiolo
Cover by Bernard Chang and Marcelo Maiolo

Random Blurb of Excitement: I’m a big fan of Inque, so I’m glad to see her make her DC Universe debut! I also thought this title had a solid debut last month. There’s so much they can do with this book, so I hope that they don’t hold back. We know Tim is Batman, and we’ve met Barbara… I can only imagine who else we will meet over time!

Batman News Critic: Sean



Detective Comics 42
Detective Comics #42
The all-new Batman tries to find his place in Gotham City! But how can he manage his already uneasy relationship with the GCPD?

Written by Brian Buccellato and Francis Manapul
Pencils and Inks by Fernando Blanco
Colored by Brian Buccellato
Cover by Francis Manapul

Random Blurb of Excitement: I’m beginning to lose interest in this team. It’s a pretty book, but the narrative has progressively dropped in quality. It’s a shame too, because I really thought they were going to make this a “must read” title back when we were in the middle of the Icarus arc. But both arcs have been a disappointment for me, so hopefully the team will redeem themselves with this arc.

Batman News Critic: Brandon



Batmite 2
Bat-Mite #2
Bat-Mite assists Batman on yet another case…whether the Dark Knight needs his help or not. This time, it leads the imp to the diabolical Doctor Trauma, who has terrible plans in store for Hawkman!

Written by Dan Jurgens
Pencils and Inks by Corin Howell
Colored by Michael Atiyeh
Cover by Michael Atiyeh and Corin Howell

Random Blurb of Excitement: Yep… I’m going to pass on this.

Batman News Critic: Brandon




If you’re following the TRUTH arc, Action Comics #42 will be released this week.


Graphic Novel Watch:

Batman Arkham Origins
Batman Arkham Origins (Softcover)
– Based on the hit video game, this volume collects the groundbreaking, multi-path digital comic. This prequel story features an inexperienced Batman going up against crime bosses Black Mask and The Penguin!



Cover of the Week:
Now, with all of this week’s releases listed above, it’s time for you to sound off! What’s the best cover that is being released this week? If you’re like me, and can’t decide on just one, then you can select multiple if you would like. Vote using the poll below, and we’ll announce the winner next week. Last week’s winning cover is listed in the spoiler tag, as is the winner from the Green Lantern variants!


Best Cover of June 24, 2015: Grayson #9 by Mikel Janin with 39% of the votes.

Grayson 9

  1. We Are Robin #1 by Lee Bermejo (21%)
    3. Gotham by Midnight #6 by Bill Sienkiewicz (19%)
    4. Batgirl #41 by Rafael Albuquerque (6%)
    5. Injustice: Gods Among Us Year 4 #4 by Yildiray Cinar (5%)
    6. Justice League 3001 #1 by Hi-Fi and Howard Porter (4%)
    7. Teen Titans #9 by Bengal (3%)
    8. Batman ’66 #24 by Mike Allred (3%)


And for the Green Lantern variants:

Best Green Lantern Variant Cover: DETECTIVE COMICS #44 by Cliff Chiang with 17% of the votes.

Detective Comics GLV

  1. CATWOMAN #44 illustrated by Emanuella Luppacino (16%)
    3. JLA #4 illustrated by Alex Garner (14%)
    4. BATMAN #44 illustrated by Tony Daniel (12%)
    5. GRAYSON #12 illustrated by Andrew Robinson (11%)
    6. JUSTICE LEAGUE #44 illustrated by Ivan Reis & Joe Prado (8%)
    7. BATMAN/SUPERMAN #24 illustrated by Dave Bullock (6%)
    8. BATMAN BEYOND #4 illustrated by Craig Rousseau (4%)
    9. BLACK CANARY #4 illustrated by Evan Shaner (3%)
    10. HARLEY QUINN #20 illustrated by Dan Panosian (3%)
    11. ROBIN: SON OF BATMAN #4 illustrated by Howard Porter (2%)
    12. NEW SUICIDE SQUAD #12 illustrated by Ryan Benjamin (2%)
    13. TEEN TITANS #12 illustrated by Mike McKone (1%)